place i belong

Joker of all, master of none!

Few words exemplified my life perfectly.

Stumbling through the race course

I always fell behind.

A few laughs were all I got, I accepted them a with a sigh

I knew I didn’t belong here!

“do re me fa”, I was made to sing.

The broken glass and the horrid look on my teacher’s face

I knew I didn’t belong here!

A ball directed at me with electrifying impulse,

One swift swing of my bat and

The black eye of my friend

I knew I didn’t belong here!

After a countless number of trials

Hopping from here to there

In search of acceptance,

All I got was dejection

Was I not worth anything?

As this thought lingered in my mind,

A book insight caught my eye,

Dusty and withered, it looked like a part of me.

Flipping through the pages I drifted into a new world,

With fairies I sang, travelled with the knights,

Cried with the dwarfs and laughed with the talking trees.

I finally knew where I belong,

It was among the books that I found my safe haven.

Background music: NirvanaVEVO (Chris Zabriskie) / CC BY 4.0
Place I belong
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