Parul asked her mother, “Mommy will you play with me?”

Mommy said, “No darling, I have a lot of work today as we have guests coming over.”

Parul shouted, “No mommy you have to play with me”

Mommy said “Baby you have to understand, I will play with you once I finish my work”.

Parul sat in a corner sulking.

Mommy said, “Okay we can do something, I have an idea. You help me a little and then I can finish my work faster.”

Parul said, “Mommy, I will help you. Tell me what I should do?”

Mommy said, “Parul, you can start by picking up all your toys and putting them in the proper place.”

After some time Parul said, “Mommy I’m done, I have put all my toys in their place.”

Mommy said, “Very good Parul! Now please help in shelling these peas.”

Parul replied, “But I do not who how to do this.”

Mommy said, “Don’t worry I will teach you how to shell peas.”

Parul and Mommy then shelled the peas together. Mommy then told Parul that she had almost finished her work. She asked, “What should we do Parul?”

Parul asked, “Mommy shall we make that new aeroplane jigsaw puzzle?”

Mommey replied, “Yes let’s do that! It would be fun!”

“Yippee!” shouted Parul.

Word meanings:

  • Sulking – angry or upset about something
  • Shelling – removing the outer covering of something
Parul helps Mommy
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