Parul was going home with her mother. Her mother asked “What did you do at school today?”

Parul was very happy and excited. She said “Mama I learnt about pet animals and I saw some of them too!”

“Wow Parul! That is so interesting” said Mama. “Which animals did you see?”

Parul said “Mama I saw a dog, a cat, a fish, a rabbit and a parrot too!” She clapped and jumped with joy. “Mama look! There is something under that tree?”

Mama said, “Let me see. I think it is a pigeon and it is hurt”

Parul was concerned. “Oh no! We should help it mama!”

Her Mama said “Let me see what I can do.” Mama found a small piece of cardboard and then very gently she put the pigeon on it. Parul and Mama then took the pigeon home.

Parul and the pigeon

“Mama where should we keep the pigeon?” said Parul. Her Mama replied “I think we should keep it on the window sill so that it can get fresh air and sunlight.”

Parul made a small nest for the pigeon with some sticks and cotton and kept it on a tray. Mama then put the pigeon on it.

Every day before going to school, Parul kept some grains and water for the pigeon. One day when she came back the pigeon was no longer there.

She said “Mama where did the pigeon go?” Her Mama replied “It flew away Parul.”

Parul grew sad. Her Mama was concerned and said “Don’t be sad my dear. You did a good thing by helping the pigeon get well.”

Parul looked towards the sky and smiled.

Word meanings:

  • Concerned – to be worried
Parul and the pigeon
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