Chapter 1: The Old House

There was a girl named Shrema Thakur and her younger brother named Veer Thakur. They used to live in a very big house. On the other side of their house was an old house. Some people says that whoever goes inside that house never comes back. One day Shrema and Veer were playing near that house, her grandmother looked at them and said “when you were not born, we used to live there’’. Shrema said to grandmother “why we are not living there now?” Grandmother told them that your grandfather’s friend Rajan is now living there, because your grandfather gave that house to him. Shrema said. “But we never hear any voice from that house?’’ Grandmother said, “He left that house. He lives in China now.’’ At night when others were sleeping, Shrema saw a candle light in the balcony of that house. She followed the candle light in balcony. Suddenly she saw a man going to that house.

the old secret house

Chapter 2: Who was that man?

The man saw Shrema and ran to the old house, she waited and waited but he didn’t come so she went to sleep. Another day also she saw the same man going with a rich man. Then she request her papa to put a security camera in the old house. Her papa said “OK. I will do that’’ Then every morning, she check the recording of the security camera.

One day she saw that man was taking out a secret card but the man tried to open the card. There was written that a small girl from Thakur family can open this card and take gold. One day, Shrema went to the old house. She saw the card under a table and she took the card. Suddenly, the man came again. She caught the man. Man said; Leave me, I am Rajan’s assistant if he will know that you came in the old house he will kill you!’ “Who was the rich man?” Said Shrema, he was Rajan. “Where does he live now?” Asked Shrema, “he live in three blocks away from your house”. She left that man and took the card.

Chapter 3: Plan for an operation

Shrema told about the incident to Veer. Veer said let’s disguise as somebody and go to Rajan’s house. Shrema said OK! But first we should know about our disguise. So first, we have to go in Rajan’s house from window. They went from the window to the house. When they were looking at Rajan he had a call that a lady and her son are coming to their house. Shrema thought that we will disguise the lady and her son. They went home Shrema told her brother about the plan. She took her mother’s dress, nail polish, lipstick, shoes, ear ring, bracelets and pendant .Of her mother. Her younger brother took shoes, dress and goggles of his father.

Chapter 4: Doing an operation

Shrema and Veer went to house become a lady and son. Rajan could not understand that they are real or fake. He never seen them before so, he thought they would be real. He welcomed them and offered them juice and asked to sit on the chair. They talked about Shrema and Veer’s great grandfather, he said long ago Shrema and Veer’s great grandfather was my elder brother, when I killed him so their great grandfather’s son took whole thing. So when he has so much money, he gave this house to me. Now want that girl and open the card to have gold. I want you to kidnap that girl suddenly his assistant came in and said that girl took the card. Rajan become very angry and killed that person. Suddenly the real lady and her son also came. They said they are real. Rajan tried to catch them but they escaped and removed all thing and put them in their place and went for dinner. Her father asked

“Where were you?” They said, we were playing outside’’.

Chapter 5: Where is Shrema?

Lady went to Shrema’s house and kidnapped Shrema and took the secret card. Suddenly Veer looked at the lady and shouted. Everyone came and caught the lady. Lady said, “Please leave me”. Meantime her son caught Shrema, but he forgot to take the card from her. He took Shrema and ran away. Lady said look there  is a elephant. Everyone looked at that elepphant, meanwhile lady also ran away. Veer said where is Didi? They called police to find Shrema. Everyone was crying and crying. Veer found the card, he saw something on its back. He cannot see inside because he cannot open the card. He saw a bead moving around and written S, he read a thing written in front of that small girl from the Thakur family can open the card. Veer understood, that Didi can open the card. It also means in the back of this card is a bead moving in the map is Didi. He followed the map and bead, he found his Didi before saying anything he spelled oil, after that he said to everyone give me Didi, I will give the card. Rajan thought let me take card first and then I will run away with Shrema. Rajan said “First give me the card”, Veer said “OK”, and he gave the card to Rajan. Rajan ran away with Shrema but slipped on the oil. No one was there so Veer took card and   ran away with his Didi. Everyone said that Veer is braved boy in the world.

Chapter 6: Finding Treasure

Shrema looked at the card at night. Shrema and Veer went to the old house, she tried to open the card, and she saw a hole for a ring. She put a ring that her great grandfather had given her, she opened the card and then she put her hand it transform into a key. Then she saw a map shown in the key. They followed the moving bead. The bead stopped. It was a dark room candle burnt automatically. Now they were finding the way to treasure. Shrema saw that when she moves right the key shines. When she was moving toward right, the door opened automatically. They went to secret room, they saw treasure. Suddenly, a gang was coming. It was Rajan’s gang. They wanted to take all the money. Suddenly, Veer and Shrema got magical powers in their hand. They fought with gang, police came there and arrested all the gang. The gold was for the poor people. Shrema and Veer got the international prize for bravery.

The old secret house
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