Post Series: Never say never

In the previous edition we read that the Eagles were unexpectedly attacked by the Hawks. The hawks were after the God-stone. We also read the Ashok, a wheat farmer had an Eagle temple in his barn.

Back at the sky-high battle field, Taroof fought valiantly. He was determined to protect not only the God-stone, but also his troops. His troops relied on him to be brave and to fight off Mustafa.

Mustafa, on the other hand was beginning to fret. He had lost the element of surprise that enabled him to gain the upper hand. However, Taroof, purely on sheer will, had fought back well. He had to admire that as a leader. His adrenalin was also motivating his troops into fighting back well. Secretly, Mustafa was hoping for a change in fortune.

The battle raged on high in the sky. There were about 250 birds on each side, fighting with all their might. From far below, the sky appeared black, covered with the mighty birds, fighting for their own causes.

Noticing that the waves of the Hawk attacks were being repelled well, Taroof felt that he needed to motivate his troops a little more in order to win the battle. This time he wouldn’t make the mistake of letting Mustafa live to fight another day.

Taroof shouted over the din of the battle, “Soon it will all be over, my brave fighters. We are doing well.” Hearing this, Mustafa roared even louder, “Yes, it will soon be all over. Eagles, if you fear for your loved ones, save yourself this bloodshed and hand over the God-stone. Give us what we want and we promise to let you live.”

A bright red anger raged deep within Taroof. “We will protect what is rightfully ours. There is no point in living, if we can’t live to protect what is ours. The God-stone is ours.”

Never say never - Part 2

A few miles away in Meerut, Ashok walked further into his wheat barn, and entered the Eagle Temple. He took off his footwear. Hands clasped together, he bowed in front of the four cows. He gave each of the four cows a bundle of hay to eat. He then patted the guard dogs and gave both of them some food to eat.

Ashok stepped further into the temple, close to the stone. As he stepped closer, he could admire the many layers in it. The stone was not made of ordinary material. It had many layers, and also reflected light. He could see his own reflection in the stone. He could also see a blue light being emitted from deep within the stone.

Where is the battle headed? Will Mustafa and his troops win the God-stone? How did Ashok get the God-stone? To find out the answers to these questions, look out for the next edition of Neev.

Word meanings

  • valiantly: feeling or displaying no fear
  • fret: to cause to suffer emotional strain
  • adrenalin: a hormone that is released in the body of a person who is feeling a strong emotion (such as excitement, fear, or anger) and that causes the heart to beat faster and gives the person more energy
Background music: John Stockton Slow Drag (Chris Zabriskie) / CC BY 4.0
Never say never – part 2
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