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In the previous edition we read that Taroof distrusted Tabassum. Both sides were preparing for the oncoming battle. Will the battle recommence? Who will come out on top?

In far away Meerut, Ashok looked up at the sky and noticed that the rain had stopped. The dark clouds had drifted away and light was beginning to show through.

In the Hawk camp, beaks were being sharpened and final meals were being had. The Hawks had a steely look in their eyes as they focussed on the task at hand. Like a true leader, Mustafa stood at the front and patted each Hawk that was about to head into battle. Once all the troops were lined up, Mustafa flew to the front and joined Jamal.

It was time. It was time to attack the Eagles and end this battle once and for all. Mustafa turned to Jamal and said, “Son, it is time to annihilate the Eagles forever. Make sure that not a single Eagle survives our onslaught. Once the battle is over, we will claim the God-stone as ours and rule this planet forever. There is just one more thing that you and I have to do before we launch the attack.”

Jamal followed Mustafa back to where Tabassum was sitting. They surrounded Tabassum and tied her feet to a tree branch. Tabassum screamed above the silence, “Please! What are you doing? Let me go. My family will be waiting for me. Please let me go.”

Mustafa just laughed, while Jamal responded, “Do you take us to be fools Tabassum?  You will go straight to the Eagles and give them our secret. We will not let you leave for now. When we return from battle we will set you free.” Having said that, both Mustafa and Jamal flew to the front line of their troops.

Mustafa turned to the troops and gave them a rousing speech. “Friends, our time has come. We will re-claim what is rightfully ours. Make sure that not a single Eagle survives this day. On to battle!”

The Hawks flew towards the Eagle camp.

never say never part 10

Back in the Eagle camp…

Rukmani turned to Taroof and said, “I have an intuition, Father. I feel that the Hawk attack is imminent.”

Taroof nodded his agreements and said, “Yes, I know that Mustafa will attack as soon as he has a chance. Come, we must talk to our troops.”

Rukmani agreed, “Yes, let us go. The Special Troops battalion have already been briefed and have taken up their position in the clouds above. Let us hope that those clouds do not drift away.”

Taroof and Rukmani stood in front of their troops. Taroof said, “Friends, we must protect what is rightfully ours. I am honoured to be your King, but today we battle the Hawks as equals. Let us show them that we can protect ourselves. To battle…”

The Eagles flew away towards the Hawk camp and stopped under the clouds where the Special Troops battalion were ready and waiting.

Away on the horizon Taroof could see the Hawks flying towards them. He raised his right wing to indicate that the attack was close at hand.

Mustafa saw Taroof and his troops in the distance. He noticed that there was something odd. Surely this was not just half of the Eagle troops! This definitely looked like the entire Eagle troops lying in wait. He turned to look at Jamal and could see agreement in his eyes.

Now that the troops are ready to battle, who will win? Will Mustafa’s focus win the day or will Taroof’s intelligence win the day?

To find out the answer to these question and more, look out for the next edition of Neev.


Word meanings:

  • rousing – causing great emotion, excitement, or enthusiasm
  • intuition – a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence
  • imminent – happening very soon
Never say never – chapter 10
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