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Three Kabaddi players from India travelled to New York for a tournament. After winning the tournament, they decided to visit a nearby town. Once in the town, they chose a hotel to stay in. By chance a room with three beds was available at a reasonable rate of $30. They paid at the reception thinking that they would share $10 each. Soon the bellboy at the hotel reached them and returned them $5 saying that the hotel was giving a special discount that weekend on the hotel rent. The three players decided to give the bellboy $2 and divide the remaining $3 amongst themselves.

The Mystery of the Hotel Rent

But, when they calculated their expenses they could not understand the following details:

Each player had originally paid $10 (towards the initial $30). Then each got back $1 which meant that each of them had paid $9 for the room. They then gave the bellboy a tip of $2.

Now, when we calculate, we find that $9 x 3 = $27

When $2 is added to it, it comes out to be $29

So, where has the last dollar disappeared?

Can you help them in figuring out the mystery?

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The trick lies in the way this question is phrased.

The total expenses of the three players is $27 which includes the $2 that the bellboy receives.

$3 was returned to them. So $27 is with the Hotel account and $3 is back with the players.

Hence, $27 + $3 = $30

There is no question of the last dollar!

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The mystery of the hotel rent
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