I always enjoy travelling. So why should this summer vacation be any different? Come on a wonderful journey by the beach and experience the sights and sounds.

First published in June 2016.

Every year, I look forward to my summer vacation with a lot of excitement. This is the one time when my whole family travels together and my parents are able to take time out from work and be with us all the time. My brother and I share this enthusiasm equally.

Vacations are the best time to relax and enjoy and I eagerly wait for my summer vacations every year. My school usually closes in the middle of the month of May and reopens by the end of June every summer. It is such a big relief as the mid-term exams get over and the results are declared. Since I am now in middle school, the exams are much tougher and I really need a break. It’s also the warm days of the summer season and no one is really in the mood to study.

My summer vacationDue to the heat, my friends and I usually go for a swim early morning and then play indoor games till it cools down in the evening. This year, I was keen to go to one of the hill stations because I wanted to beat the heat. Unfortunately, since we hadn’t done any bookings in advance, my father mentioned that it was virtually impossible to even get a room there to stay. So finally, we all decided to head to the sea-side and spend our time next to a beach. Nothing like soaking in the sun, playing in the sand and swimming in the sea.

We drove towards the coast of Karwar. It was a long journey but fun nonetheless. We mostly preferred travelling by road, so that Cinnabun our cocker spaniel could also travel with us. She was equally thrilled to be off on a road-trip!

As I sat contently on the sand and the waves crashed quietly against the shore, I couldn’t have been happier on my summer vacation. Cinnabun was running up and down the beach chasing seagulls and tiny crabs burrowing themselves into the sand. She was completely amused by their antics and kept digging deeper in the sand looking for them; but they were so much smarter. My brother Rustom had already made friends with some other children on the beach and was busy playing with them. I wanted to read all my story-books that I had borrowed from the library or maybe I would join my parents playing scrabble.

I wanted to do some fishing too and Dad told me to be patient as he would have to take me closer to the harbour for that. Last year we went to the backwaters of Kerala and he had taught me how to fish there. I was able to fish every day. It was fun to catch the fish and then take them back to the resort where we were staying as the cook would barbeque them right before our eyes.

Anyway, later we went off for an afternoon ride on my Uncle’s boat. He lives very close to Karwar and so we got to spend a lot of time on his boat. I also got a chance to help manoeuvre it and it was really fun even though we fell off the boat a couple of times and got drenched too. We went on a 4km boat ride from Sadashiv jetty on the backwaters of River Kali. We finally reached this amazing tortoise-shaped island that had many activities for us. Rustom and I did some snorkelling and diving. By the end of the day, we were red as lobsters after being out in the sun all day. 

My summer vacation

When I am on vacation I like to sleep late and go out when the sun isn’t as strong, otherwise my skin burns and the tan takes forever to leave. Rustom and I love swimming in the ocean and I like to surf on the waves. A jellyfish had once stung me and I had to spend two days inside because my leg was swollen but still I am not scared of the water. In fact I am a water baby.

The next morning we walked through the mangroves and many species of birds residing in them fascinated me. I saw a large number of cashew trees bearing beautiful fruits and flowers. Rustom had a field time taking photographs. Cinnabun went completely berserk chasing all the butterflies. My summer vacationAfter reaching the hilltop, we sat and waited for the sun to set. It was such a beautiful sight to see the sun’s peeping rays disappear slowly into the ocean floor. As it soon became dark, the small waterfalls at some distance shone like flowing silver in the moonlight. The cool breeze was such a relief and we felt no heat or dust of the plains here.

The next day we visited the Narasimha temple. The scenery and view of the temple area was beautiful and breath-taking. We ate a delicious sea-food thali at one of the local shacks on the beach. I was quite pleased having eaten my favourite crabs and prawns. The rest of the time Rustom and I spent reading, painting, dolphin-spotting and stargazing with the help of my Dad’s telescope.

The summer vacation is my favourite time of year. My whole family spends a month or so together and we have a great time. I am very lucky to have such a great family that has the opportunity to get together and enjoy themselves. There are a lot of families that are less fortunate and cannot afford to do something this special.

Just in this trip alone, we collected memories for a lifetime. I told my parents that we should plan similar holidays for every summer vacation, well in time in the coming years so that we could visit different exotic locations.

The vacation was soon over and I was back to school but my mind was still remembering the sweet memories of the summer vacation. I will await the next summer holidays and would love to discover new places and learn so much about them.

Word meanings:

  • Burrowing: digging
  • Manoeuvre: move skilfully
  • Exotic: unusual

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My summer vacation
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