Post Series: The stories of Kalpanaland

In Kalpanaland, there lived a smart little foal called Ashu Ashwa. Ashu was the best in his class. So, Sant Gaja offered him a place in his gurukul far from Kalpanaland, but Ashu did not want to go. So his mother took him to Munmun Batak, the wisest duck in Kalpanaland.

“I’m already the best in the stable-batch, Munmun Aunty. I don’t need to go anywhere,” said Ashu.

“That’s true, Ashu. You are almost as smart as Raja Kaana. Have you heard of him?” asked Munmun Batak.

“No Aunty,” he replied.

munmun batak and raja kaana

“Raja Kaana was born in Andher Nagri where everyone was blind. But young Kaana could see from one eye and everyone thought he was very wise. So they made him their king. He was a bad king and there was hunger in his kingdom but the people of Andher Nagri still did not change their king. They thought he was the best.”

“But how am I like Raja Kaana?” asked Ashu.

“It’s because your stable-class has only Gadarbhas, donkeys. If you stay in this class you will think you are the best like Raja Kaana. Smart in the stables but a fool everywhere else,” replied Munmun Batak.

Ashu understood and went to Sant Gaja’s gurukul where he did very well.

Word meanings:

  • Ashwa – Sanskrit word for stallion
  • Gaja – Sanskrit word for elephant
  • Gadarbhas – Sanskrit word for donkey
Munmun Batak and Raja Kaana
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