There was a boy who had an intelligent mind

He was just one of a kind

He could see that everything has a reason

His father was in jail for he had committed treason

On his quest to change the globe

The fifteen year old packed his bag with a lot of hope

He saw that everyone was sad

He blamed the government for being so mad

Modern Fairy tale

His brain could unravel only a pattern

This to decipher was as far for him as Saturn

He started by taking a step

A little initiative and a little help

Quickly the boy was popular

The root to the new found fame was molecular

The proton now had circling electrons

Our boy was in danger from the evil Morgon

Morgan sent his men to find the boy

Everyone was unaware and in Joy

The police handcuffed in front of all the crowd

He was in tears not knowing the reason for all the noise and why it was so loud.

Modern Fairy tale

Afraid he leapt to a corner in his cell

It was like a shortcut to hell

‘Son’ a sound rested on his ears

A sound he wanted to listen since all these years

Seeing his father he just couldn’t believe

It just turned over a new leaf

His father was social worker

This did not go well with the local council

The next day to his surprise

All the people came out and wanted to rise

Everyone stood together in order to revolt

Down with the system, it struck like a lightening jolt

Amidst the fight

There was a ray of light

‘Wake up’ his mother was calling

His dream just got over

In front of him, his father got dressed

The boy stood beside him freshly pressed

Let’s go on another adventure said the boy with zeal

This is a father and sons modern fairy tale.

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Modern fairy tale
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