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Frequently asked Questions

Is Neev only meant for children?
Neev has been developed for children aged 5 to 15. Hence, the content is appropriate for that age group. However, as avid readers ourselves, we totally understand if adults would also like to sign up for Neev. In fact, we would encourage it!

What is the registration process?
The registration process is simple and straight forward. The image below best illustrates the process.

Neev magazine registration process

Can my child read the archived editions?
All our membership accounts come with access to all the archived editions. As long as your membership account remains active, your child will have access to all the archived editions.

How does the pricing of Neev work?
We have a Free Trial (10 days validity) in case you wish to try before you buy. We also have two pricing options. You can choose from a Bronze Plan (3 months validity) or a Gold Plan (12 months validity).

How often is new content published?
We publish new content on the first day of every month.

What if I am not happy and want to cancel my purchase?
We would be sad to see you go and would like to know what makes you unhappy with Neev Magazine. Please write to us at and give us a chance to improve. If you are still not happy, you can choose not to renew your subscription when it expires.

When am I billed?
If you choose to proceed and purchase a membership account, you will be directed to our payment gateway partner. The payments for all plans are done upfront.

What benefit do I get with a longer term plan?
The longer the plan term, the lesser is the per month cost to you.

My question is still unanswered. What do I do? In case your question remains unanswered, you can read through our FAQs page. If you are still unsure, please get in touch with us by emailing