Little Bunty blue
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Little bunny Bunty was blue in color. He had been so busy hopping around looking for carrots to chew, that he had not seen a tin of blue paint near the bushes. Farmer Farid had finished painting the chicken coop a bright blue, but had forgotten to keep the paint tin back in the farm shed. Along came Bunty hopping away and SPLASH! He landed in the big blue tin.

“Oh! How do I get this awful color off me?” he wailed. He sat there crying so loudly that all the other farm animals came running towards him.

“Hahaha, Bunty looks so funny,” giggled Curry the Calf.

“Yes he does.” agreed Chikey the Chicken.

“How did this happen?” asked Hari the Horse.

“I hopped into this big tin full of blue paint while looking for carrots,” cried poor Bunty. He was finding it difficult to move or talk, as the paint was quickly drying up and turning hard.

“He’s turning into a blue bunny statute,” pointed out Potli the Pig. He laughed so hard that his entire belly shook.

“You are not my friends. I will never talk to you all again.” Bunty wailed louder while all the others laughed around him.

Hearing all this commotion Bunty’s Mama came hopping by. She took one look at Bunty and dragged him to the pond. She washed off the color and he was white and furry again.

“Instead of standing and crying, you should have hopped quickly to the pond and washed yourself. No one would have made fun of you,” she said. “Sometimes it is wise to keep quiet and think smartly.”

Little Bunty Blue

“When someone is in trouble, you should help as much as you can. Standing by and laughing when your friend needs your help is not being a true friend.” She said sternly to the others.

“You are right, Auntie,” said Hari. “We should have helped him. I would have been upset too if my friends laughed at me instead of helping me.”

The others nodded in agreement. They all apologized to Bunty.

“I learnt my lesson too, Mama. Being smart is so simple, all I had to do was stop crying and think. From now on, I will not only help others, but also help myself.” He smiled.

Now that all the friends were together again, Mama Bunny hopped away and left them to play.

Word meanings:

  • coop – a cage where chickens are kept
  • commotion – noise
  • wailed – cried
Little Bunty blue
Average rating of 5 from 2 votes

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