The children of Vitthal Society were happy today. At last the sun was shining brightly.  They had been sitting indoors for two days waiting for the rains to stop.

“What should we play today?” asked Aarnav looking around.

They were only six of them today, Aanya, Krisha, Dhriti, Reet, Vedika and himself.

“How about hide and seek?” asked Vedika.

They liked the idea and started the game. It was Vedika’s den, and the others ran to hide. Vedika started counting up to 20, but all of a sudden with a loud bang, thunder clouds rolled in and it started raining heavily. The hiding children ran back into the lobby partially wet. They stood there watching the rain gloomily.

“What do we do now? I don’t want to go back home It’s so boring,” said Reet. She was the youngest and hated sitting at home.

“Let’s get wet and play in the rain,” said Krisha excitedly. She was a tomboy and always active.

“No, my mom will get upset if I go home wet,” said Vedika.

“But what do we do? We can’t just sit here.  We are not allowed to play ball etc in the Lobby,” said Aarnav tossing his cricket ball in the air.

Dhriti the oldest had been quiet all the while. She turned to them, “Listen, let’s play Kabbadi. We can make two teams of three each and play here in the lobby.”

“Kabbadi? What type of game is that?” asked Reet.

“I know how to play Kabbadi. I saw it on T.V.” said Aanya. “The pro league Kabbadi matches were being played on T.V. I saw them with my Papa.” She said proudly.

“But I don’t know how to play Kabaddi. Dhriti, could you please explain to us how to play this game,” said Vedika.

“Even I don’t know all the rules, but I know that we form two teams, and then one player from a team will keep saying the word ‘Kabaddi’ and touch the player of the other team and run back. The other team has to stop the player returning back. If they do, they get a point else the other team gets the point,” Dhriti was trying her best to explain the game.

“It sounds so confusing,” said Aarnav.

“And boring too,” said Aanya.

Vedika looked at them, “Let’s at least try. It’s different and we may just enjoy. It’s better than sitting here doing nothing.”

“Yes, Vedika is right. Come one, let’s play Kabbadi,” said Aanya.

The others reluctantly agreed. Soon the two teams were formed. Team A had Dhriti, Arnav and Vedika, and Team B had Aanya, Reet and Krisha. They started the game. Initially, there was some confusion, but soon they understood the pattern. They started enjoying the game. Whenever Arnav had his turn, he would say ‘Kabaddi Kabddi’ fast for the first few seconds and then he would find it difficult and say ‘Kavaddi, Kuvvaddi’. It was so funny, almost like a tongue twister so most of the time they ended up laughing and giggling.

Kabaddi Time

Hearing all the laughter and noise coming from the lobby, some of the older kids came to watch the group playing. Soon they too joined in the game and everyone had a great time.

“I never knew Kabbadi could be so much fun,” said Krisha at the end of the last game.

“I am going to tell Papa what fun we had, playing a new game,” said Aanya.

“We should play this game again tomorrow,” said Dhriti looking at the others. “I have an idea; let us try a new game every week.”

“Yes, we can play lagori next. The game is good fun.  I heard my cousin talking about it. We need seven flat stones and a ball. I shall explain the game to you all tomorrow after checking with my cousin,” said Vedika excitedly.

They all liked that idea. They went back home happy that they had learned to play a fun new game today and excited to be playing another new game the next day.

Word meanings:

  • partially – partly
  • gloomily – unhappily
  • reluctantly – half heartedly, unwillingly
Kabbadi time
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