I am what I am! And I won’t change!

I am short.

“Play basketball”, they said

Well for your kind information, it didn’t help.

“You still have time, you will grow!”

Oh thank you, this I didn’t know!

I am a little chubby, I won’t lie.

“You are fat” they said

“A glass of lime early morning will help”

Really, I am shocked! Thank you for pointing that out.

I matter

A little pimple here, a little pimple there,

“Your face is full of little bumps!” they said

“Apply ice regularly.”

C’mon I am a little kid, not a supermodel!

Yet thank you for criticizing me,

I hope you had a blast!

But let me point out the obvious,

I won’t stretch magically,

Or shed off few extra pounds

Neither would I be able to get rid of my bumped skin!

I don’t know how I will look when I will grow up,

But at present I am a 12 year old happy kid, having the time of her life!

So don’t you try to put me down, because

I am what I am! And I won’t change.

I matter
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