Helping hand
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Sagar was the tallest and strongest boy in all of grade one. He was very proud of his strength and always made fun of anyone who was not his size.

One day, Ninad a short thin boy fell into a deep pit in the ground. He tried to get out, but he just could not and kept slipping back in.

Sagar happened to pass by and on seeing Ninad started to laugh. “You are so thin and weak, that you can’t even get out on your own? Can’t you keep your eyes open when you walk? How could you not see such a big hole?”

“You are nothing but a big bully. If you are so strong why don’t you help me get out?” retorted Ninad.

“Why should I help a silly boy like you?” Sagar laughed even louder.

“If you help me today, I will help you some day,” called out Ninad.

“Why would I ever need your help? I am much stronger than you,” Sagar said proudly.  To prove his strength, he pulled Ninad out.

Helping hand main

A few days later Ninad was on his way home when he heard someone crying. He looked around and found Sagar looking down a small pipe.

“Mum gave me money to buy milk. I tripped while walking and the coins have rolled into this pipe. My hand does not fit in. How will I take them out?” wailed Sagar.

“Let me try,” since Ninad was thinner, his hand easily slipped into the pipe and he got the coins out.

“I told you I would help you some day,” said Ninad with a smile.

From that day on Sagar stopped gloating about his strength and was always humble. He and Ninad became the best of friends and always helped others in need.

Word meanings:

  • bully – one who is habitually cruel
  • gloating – to speak about something in high terms
  • humble – modest
Helping hand
Average rating of 5 from 3 votes

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