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The new academic year is about to begin and Neel is going to the next class. Mom and Neel are so busy shopping. They have to buy new books, new uniforms, a school bag, a bottle, and a tiffin box. It is difficult for me to imagine it all. My eyes go wide as I see the new stuff arriving everyday. It keeps piling on the study table.

One day with no further place to keep his books, Neel removes my basket from the study table and places me down. I’m not used to being down all by myself. I get scared and go and hide in a box. It’s a small little white box, very cosy and safe.

In a while, I am fast asleep. I don’t hear Neel come in the room. Nor do I hear Mom asking Neel to pick up the shoes they need to exchange. I don’t feel the movement or hear the sound of the car. It’s only when I hear a lady scream, that I wake up.

Gullu goes shopping

I’m so scared, as this lady keeps screaming, “Rat! Rat!” in my face. Oh God, the ignorant world.

“I’m Gullu, a Guinea Pig,” I try to tell her.

But she can’t understand. I’m really worried and thinking of how to make a getaway. Then suddenly I hear Mom’s voice. She is as astonished to see me as the lady was. Except that she doesn’t scream.

“Gullu, what are you doing in that box?” she asks me sternly.

I just pop my eyes out wide; I’m as lost as she is. What box is she talking about? It is then I realise what is going on. I had hid in a small white box. This box had Neel’s school shoes which had to be changed as they were a size too big. And so Neel had carried this box to the shop, without knowing I was in it too.

Mom and Neel have a hearty laugh as Neel pulls me out of the box and places me on his palm. Even the screaming lady seems to be smiling at me now. Suddenly all is well. Neel tries on a new pair of shoes and it is packed. We all then return home. But I have decided no shopping trips for me. It’s too much excitement for a little being like me. Bye for now. Enjoy your new Class.

Word meanings:

  • piling – large number of things being put together, maybe on top of each other
  • ignorant – lacking knowledge or awareness in general
  • sternly – serious or severe manner, exercising discipline (strict)
Gullu goes shopping
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