Golu, Molu and Tolu are different. Golu and Molu are lazy. Read this story of hard work to find out how Tolu saves the day.

Golu, Molu, and Tolu lived in Sholapur. They owned a big farm each. Every evening, they would have dinner together. On one such day, they heard about some robberies that had taken place in the nearby village. The police had told everyone to hide their money.

“Let’s build a shed on our farms and hide all our money there. The robber may think that the shed is full of grain and animals. He will never look in there and all our money will be safe,” said Tolu.

“That’s a wonderful idea,” agreed Molu. “But I am sleepy.”

Golu, Molu and Tolu – the story of hard work

Golu, the laziest amongst the three sat with a frown. “I have done so much work on the farm; I don’t have the energy to build a shed,” he grumbled.

“Don’t be lazy. Let’s get to work right away,” Tolu, the most hardworking of the three, forced the others to go to their farms.

Golu being lazy made a shed of hay. “The robber will definitely not look in here. He will think it’s full of hay for the cows,” he smiled.

Molu was tired so he made his shed out of wooden planks nailed together. He too thought that no one would look inside a weak looking shed and happily went to bed.

Tolu, worked late into the night, building his shed out of bricks and cement. When he was done, his shed looked strong, He put all his money inside and went to sleep. He had even laid a trap for the robber.

The next morning, they were in for a big surprise. Golu went crying to Molu, “my shed has been broken into and all my money is gone. The thief got in through the hay easily.”

Golu, Molu and Tolu – the story of hard work“Why did you build your shed out of hay? Let’s go see my shed, I am sure my money is safe,” said Molu confidently.

But here too the thief had broken in. He had taken away all of Molu’s money too. They both started wailing loudly and went to Tolu’s house. They found Tolu, having his breakfast happily.

“Quickly go check your shed. Our sheds were broken into last night and all our money has been stolen,” cried Golu and Molu together.

“Don’t worry, the thief tried to break into my shed, but he could not. In fact, all your things are safe I laid a trap for the thief and he is caught in a net. Come have look,” said Tolu smiling broadly.

They went to the shed and right enough there was the sorry looking robber in a net. The police soon came and took him away. Golu and Molu got their money back. They were happy and promised Tolu that they would never be lazy and avoid hard work again.

You too should be like Tolu, working hard and never being lazy.

Word meanings:

  • Laid a trap – a plan to catch someone.
  • Confidently – being very sure
  • Wailing – crying loudly

Values learnt:

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Golu, Molu and Tolu – the story of hard work
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