In the previous edition of Neev, you met Golu and Molu and their friends. Read on to know about their adventure.

“Oh, my God!” rang Molu’s voice through the trees. Golu rushed out from his hole, Beady and Pecky also rushed towards the banyan tree. Beady hurt his toe while running towards Molu but still limped to check on his friend. Pecky flew in that direction and was the first to reach Molu followed by rest of them.

When all of them were together Molu said, “See what I found. It is big treasure of nuts and seeds hidden in this big hole in the trunk of the banyan tree.”

All of them were very happy and clapped and jumped in happiness and peeped inside the hole.

Golu and Molu - part 2

“But this is very deep, how will we get these nuts and seeds out?”

They all looked towards Bhoori but she said, “I am scared to go inside”.

Pecky said, “My beak is too small, I can’t reach them.”

Beady said, “My toes are hurt.”

Molu said, “I wonder who it belongs to? Will they be angry if we take these?”

Golu said, “Nobody lives on this tree. But we could still check.”

He shouted, “Hello, hello! Anybody here?

They waited and waited but got no reply. Then he tried again but got no reply. He said, “I think we could take a few.”

All of them said together, “But how do we do that?”

Molu said, “We could use our long tails.”

His friends looked a little surprised but hopeful. He lowered his long tail and tried to wrap his tail around a nut. He could not do so the first two times but finally was able to get one out.

Beady, Bhoori, Pecky and Golu cheered.

Molu told, “Golu, now your turn.”

Golu lowered his tail as his friends looked on happily at him bringing out more nuts for them to eat. All the friends were excited and they had a lovely feast!

Word meanings:

  • Treasure – a collection of valuable things
  • Wrap – to bind or cover something
Golu and Molu – part 2
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