When that moment came finally and Gandhiji came in front of me. First, I said hello to him. Then I asked him a bunch of questions. Then I asked him how are you alive, you were killed by Nathuram Godse many years ago. But I am feeling happy and proud to meet you. You are avery famous person all over the world even now. Your three monkeys are still being followed. Not to say evil, Not to listen evil and Not to speak evil. But honestly I am not able to follow them. I am really very sorry for that. But I like you very much; you are one of the greatest leaders of India and freedom fighter of your time. You fought without weapons with the enemies that is best thing that you did. You are known by lots of names M.K Gandhi, Bapu, and Gandhi ji. You are also a Bahuroopi Gandhi. That is why everyone likes you. But I don’t understand one thing; from where did you get the courage to fight the enemies without weapons? Why were you so kind to them? I know you don’t like killing. Am saying asking you all these questions because this is what I think of you.


Rajeev Boken, English, 14 years
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