If I met Gandhi Ji I will first ask him that ‘Why did he fight with Non-Violence instead of fighting with weapons?’ because that time British army was having weapons but I like his way of fighting. I will also ask him ‘Who told him about British, peace and Violence and Non-Violence?”  Will ask him why did he became a layer instead of becoming an Army person. In which school and Collage did Gandhi Ji studied and what job did Gandhi Ji’s father does and what was the grades of Gandhi Ji in Grade-7 and is his father satisfied with is grades and marks. Is Gandhi Ji had a brother or sister and what was the name of his grandfather and who decided his name and is he was from a rich family or a poor family. For what reason he was shot? why did Gandhi ji let the separation of India happen with Pakistan. I will ask all these questions will find out answers and I will salute the father of Nation.    Jai Hind.


Hemant Daggar, English, 13 years
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