If I met Gandhi Ji, I will surely find him  shocked and frightened to see the present state of humans. He would rather be confused if he is actually in the same era or is he in a modern zoo. I would sit with him for hours to listen to all the stories of the freedom  struggles which were going on in the country during his times. How he faced the problems and how he led the whole nation to Independence. Also will listen to how he maintained peace in the country when the whole world was attacking each other. I would ask him about the different people who helped him fight with peace and free our country from the British.

Then I would make him sit in the metro and take him to various places. I would take him to the Gandhi ashram which was made for him and show his pictures of the past. I will show him the letters, notes and things he used in the past and how we have preserved it so neatly. I will show him how his three monkey’s became so famous in the country. Will show how we have made hundreds of  statues of his in the whole world.

I would dress Gandhi Ji in the modern clothes. Make him feel modern in such a busy place. I’ll take him to the malls and watch movies with coca-cola with nachos. I’ll make him go to various shops and see the new generation stuff. I’ll take him to the water park and make him do all the crazy rides. I’ll show him the kinds of restaurants  and make him eat burgers and pizza’s. I will make him experience the traffic and heat of Delhi. I’ll take him to party halls and make him dance to the fast beats of Badshah and Arijit Singh. I’ll make Gandhi Ji sit in an Aero plane and go around India to see all places and  taste all the different kinds of foods.

I will show him the latest brands and the latest cars. I will get him a I phone S7, a set of headphones and a laptop. I will show him how to play games on the phone and how to use PS3s. I will show him how to click a selfie and a groupfie and upload it on face book. I will make him come to my school and teach us how to make ourselves a better human and how to change the world around us peacefully. I will make sure that he enjoys to the fullest and would love the modern generation as much as his old times.


Anandita Narayanan, English, 14 years
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