Once upon a time, in the Land of Numbers, lived 9 friends named 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9. They all were friends but they fought on silly things. They called themselves “The number team”.

The number team had a traditional sport named the     superman race. In this sport you had to cycle 9 mega-miles, run 7 mega-miles, swim 4 mega-miles, climb 4 tall trees & fight with your opponent for 5 minutes. The number 9 was the master of all numbers as he was the best player of this sport. He had also been given the title of the greatest number, the ranking done based on the winner of the Superman Race.

The number team was an all-rounder team as it had sports player like number 9 & 8, astrologers like number 1 & 2, astronomers like number 3 & 4, astronauts like number 5 & 6 & army men like numbers 6 & 7.

One day number 1 predicated the presence of another number which was more powerful than all of them. Simultaneously number 3 saw a planet which was blue & green in color, while studying universe in his lab. That planet seemed to be full of noises, hustle and bustle and its inhabitants seemed to be cheerful, moving around here and there with lots of energy zones.

The number team decided to send number 5 and 6 to explore the planet. On 9th May 1222 CBSCE* they pulled up their socks for an adventures trip and take off. For 9 years number 5 and 6 did not come back. Everyone was in tension & started losing hope of their return. Suddenly there was a sound of crashing. The number team ran to see where the sound had come from. They found 5 and 6 coming out of a broken space ship, but they were not alone. They had an unfamiliar number accompanying them. The new number introduced itself as 0 (“Zero”).

Number 5 & 6 told about how their journey was, they told about the various places they saw, the various creatures they saw & also about a person named Aryabhatta who helped them find the new number. The new number was handsome in oval shape. The number zero was very polite to the number team.

It was time for the Superman Race so 0 was also asked to participate. Number 0 was not sporty but he still tried to do the race. 9 & 0 started the race. In the beginning 0 had taken the lead in cycling but when they started to swim 8 swam in his full speed and as the race continued they proceeded in a tie.

Eventually, all numbers defeated 0 and he was put on last place. This made 0 very sad. 9 was being bossy to 0 & started showing-off a bit.  0 did not listen to them & started making friends.

Galaxy of numbers

He found 1 to be very polite to him. 1 shared with him that 8 had done similar things when 9 was not there. He would insult him all the time. He had then prayed to Great Lord to help 8 become his friend. And that’s when the Great Lord sent 9 for this work.

0 was very impressed by his idea & started to pray to the Great Lord. Meanwhile he and 1 became very close friends. They would both help all the numbers in all the work that they needed. But the bullying by 8 and 9 continued.

After 9 years the Great Lord came in front of 0. He said “My child, you are granted one wish, what would it be”?

0 quickly asked for a new number which would be mightier than number 8 and 9 and teach them a lesson. The Great Lord thought for some time and smiled. He had seen the strength of 1 and 0 together and he decided to do something unique. He mixed up 1 and 0 to make a new number 10.

When 8 and 9 got to know about this new number, they were terrified. They sent an invitation for a new superman race.

A day later 10 & 9 were having superman race. 10 could do all the things in very little time as it had the strength of both 1 and 0. Also, 0 kept helping other numbers in different tasks and they realized they became stronger by becoming friends with 0. By the time the race finished, 0 had made a lot many friends: 10, 20, 30, 40…. He also won the race.

Everyone was happy as they saw new numbers being created because of 0. As number 1 had supported 0 now he also became very famous. Now 9 realized his mistake and apologized to 0.

After seeing the success of number 1 & 0 to 10 all the numbers started to join themselves to each other.

That’s how of journey of the new numbers started……..!!!!

MORAL – If we have to grow, we have to go together.  

Galaxy of numbers
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