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Zero means nothing. But still it is an important number. Perform this fun magic with your friends. By the end of the magic they will see how powerful zero is.

Any number of children can participate in this magic at a given time.


  1. Distribute blank chits to all your friends. Keep one for yourself.
  1. Each one has to secretly write a number on their chit; how much ever big or small. Write a number on your chit as well.
  1. Now everybody (including you) will fold their chits and put it in a bowl.
  1. Claim that you will write the answer of the multiplication of all the numbers in the bowl without even seeing the numbers. Write on a blank chit, fold and keep it at some place. Do not show the answer at this step.
  1. Now challenge your friends to check the answer by multiplying all the numbers (give them a calculator to do so).
  1. Once they are done, they may open your chit to tally, once they get the answer.

Secret: The answer to this magic always comes as zero, as on your own chit you will write the number zero.

Some children may write very large numbers to put you in trouble. This magic will make them understand an important property of zero – ‘Any number multiplied by zero always gives zero.’

(If more than one chits have zero, even then the answer will remain zero, as zero multiplied by zero also gives zero.)

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Fun with Maths – The power of zero
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