On the front lines I lay 
Knowing not what to say.
I have a bullet in my chest ,
And I might be able to rest.

This may be an end to my life
And all I can think is about my wife.
The bullet in my chest is made of lead,
And all I want is to rest in my bed.

The battle rages around me,
But then that’s how it is supposed to be.
Soldiers ruthlessly kill each other,
And for last time many won’t see their mother.

Sonali Rathee - Front linesOn the front lines I lay ,
Knowing not what to say .
I see an enemy and lift my gun,
But then I remember he is someone’s son.

Today I might finally die,
Leaving back a family to cry.
I’ve been shot in the arm,
And I keep remembering my farm.

Finally this is it,
But I don’t regret it one bit.
I’m dying, I’m dying
I’m dying, I’m dying..!!..

Front lines
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