First published in November 2016

This is a story from the view point of a dog. This is my story. Let me start by introducing you to my life, my family and most importantly, my food.

Hi, my name is Chiku. I am a Golden Retriever – brown in colour, as the name suggests. I am lucky to be a part of a very loving family. There are Dad and Mom and Rishabh and little Tara. Dad is very busy and spends a lot of time at work. Mom is a school teacher. Rishabh is 15 years old and is responsible for feeding me. I would say that Rishabh’s job is the most important. He goes to school as well. Tara is the diamond of the family. She is 9 years old and is the one who plays with me the most. And then there’s me. I’m now 4 months old and have been trained.

This is the story of the time when I told Mom I could speak!

One day, Mom was quite upset with me. She was saying something to me and pointing. “Tell me the truth Chiku. Did you take Rishabh’s t-shirt? Did you or did you not take his t-shirt?”

It was then that I decided to tell her that I could speak. After all, if Mom asks a question, it would just be rude not to answer!

from the dogs eyes

“Yes Mom, I did grab Rishabh’s t-shirt from the floor and take it to my bed. I do miss all of you when you leave me at home alone. All I want is something that I can keep close by that reminds me of you when you are away. Can I please keep his t-shirt?” I said in a low voice.

Mom took a few steps back and fell back into a chair. She just sat staring at me, open-mouth. I guess I couldn’t have kept it a secret all my life. After all, a talking dog just likes to talk.

After about 5 minutes, Mom stood up, came towards me and sat down on the floor in front of me. She looked into my eyes and asked, “Chiku, blink your eyes once if you can understand me.”

I said, “Why blink when I can talk Mom?”

I could see Mom was tense. She gulped and asked slowly, “What is your name?”

“Chiku,” I replied.

Mom put her arms around me and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Word meanings:

  • Reminds – to cause someone to remember something
  • Blink – to close and then open your eyes very quickly
  • Gulped – to swallow because of strong emotion (such as fear or shock)
From the eyes of a dog
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