Anni is now an intelligent seven year old child. One day while sitting among all his friends he started a discussion.

“Why don’t we celebrate Deepawali in a special manner this year!”

“In a special manner? How?” all his friends asked together.

Tanveer said, “It is special every time. As every year there are new and different crackers for us in the market.”

Sara said, “Oh yes! Every year there are new things available in the market for decoration.”

Aadish said, “Oh dear, every year I get very beautiful gift packs which have sweets and chocolates.”

Pragun said, “Oh yes! Of course! Every year there is a change in the weather so every time, especially on Deepawali, there are a variety of new clothes.”

Now even Advit said, “And I particularly like those new decorative electric strings of different coloured bulbs very much.”

Sara said, “That’s it! Now isn’t everything special. So in what other way are you going to make Deepawali special, Anni?”

Anni explained, “My dear friends any festival becomes special when it is marked by the presence of all our friends!”

“What do you mean Anni? Don’t we all celebrate Deepawali together!” all his friends started shouting.

Anni said, “Oh! Listen to me please.  Our friends here means my pet Bunjee, Sara’s Mithhu parrot, Aadish’s cow Dulari, Pragun’s sparrow Chun Chun, Anirudh’s Katto cat. All of them!”

Sara said, “But they do not enjoy crackers. They all do not like bright lights. They are actually scared of all these. Then how are they going to celebrate and enjoy Deepawali, the way we do?”

Advit said, “I have an idea. We’ll make them sit during the puja time with us and we’ll give them all sweets to eat.”

Anni said, “That’s what I’m trying to make everyone understand. We all get lost in the pomp and show of Deepawali and many of our friends, with whom we play every day, hide themselves inside the houses due to their fear of crackers and bright lights. How sad that is!”

“Yes, yes! You are perfectly right!” cried everyone in unison.

Now thoughts began to come. We’ll do all the decorations with flowers and leaves. We’ll make and decorate Rangoli with turmeric powder, flour, lovely flowers and grass. We’ll enjoy light crackers which do not frighten our friends! We will worship God and chant prayers with bells, drum, cymbal and dholak along with all our dear friends so that together we all enjoy the festival of Deepawali!

“So what do you say now?” Anni asked.

“Hurrah! Hurrah! Oh this is fantastic! Really, it’s a wonderful idea! Everyone started shouting with enthusiasm and excitement.

“Let’s name this event “DELIGHTFUL DEEPAWALI” so that everyone like us feels delighted to enjoy and celebrate Deepawali together with all their friends, animals, birds and plants!”

Word meanings:

  • Pomp: splendid
  • Unison: together in one voice
  • Cymbal: a type of musical instrument

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Friendly Deepawali
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