Today Miss Sania teaches her class the four magic words. These words can teach you good manners.

Class 1–A was very excited. Miss. Sania, their Class Mother, was going to discuss the four magic words with them this morning.

“What could be the four magic words?” wondered Rishi.

“Why do you think they are called magic words?” asked Preeti.

“They are called magic words because when we use them it shows good manners and politeness”, said Rishabh.

The children were so busy talking amongst themselves that they did not notice their teacher entering their class.

“Good Morning, class. Please sit down”, she smiled.

As soon as the class sat down she asked if they had noticed anything different in her sentence.

Four magic words

“You asked us to sit down,” replied Nitin.

“No, I said ‘Please’”. That was the first magic word.

“Sorry Miss,” replied Nitin.

“You have just given us our second magic word”, said Miss Sania.

“Excuse me, Miss what is the third magic word?” asked Ali.

Miss Sania smiled.

“Ali, you have just said it. It is, ‘excuse me’. We use this word when we need to take permission from someone”, explained Miss Sania.

Just then the bell rang. Miss Sania got up to leave.

“Thank you class”, she smiled.

“We know the fourth magic word. It is Thank you!” said the children.

Word meanings:

  • discuss- to talk about something with other
  • excited- happy
  • wondered-thought

Values learnt:

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Four magic words
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