Anu is a forgetful girl. She is always forgetting to pick up her toys. In this story, Anu learns to always pickup toys after she is done playing.

Anu and Ishan are playing together. Anu takes out her toy box.  They start building a wall with blocks around a fire engine. Suddenly the bell rings. It is Ishaan’s mother.       

“Time to go home,” she says.

Forgetful Anu learns to always pickup toysIshan begins picking up the toys but Anu says, “I will do it later”.

Ishan says goodbye and goes home with his mother. Soon it is dinner time. Anu’s mother calls her to come for dinner.

“Have you picked up your toys?” she asks Anu.

“I will pick them up after dinner,” replies Anu.

But she forgets again and gets into bed.

“Have you picked up your toys?” asks Mummy when she comes to kiss Anu goodnight.

“I’ll pick them up in the morning,” mumbles Anu sleepily.

In the middle of the night, Anu wakes up. She is thirsty. She walks to the fridge and steps on the fire engine. It rolls on the floor and Anu slips and falls on her face. Mummy and Daddy come running. They switch on the light. Anu is rubbing her nose and crying.

Forgetful Anu learns to always pickup toys

“What happened?” asks Mummy.

“I tripped on these toys! Who put them here?!” cried Anu.

“Don’t you remember?” asks Mummy. “You left them here yourself, yesterday”.

“Oh! I am so sorry!” sniffs Anu as she hugs her mother. “I promise I will keep all my things in their proper place from now on”.

Anu goes back to bed. Her nose is now beginning to look like a ripe tomato!

Word Meanings:

  • mumbles – to speak softly in a way that is not clear
  • tripped – to fall
  • sniffs – breathe deeply through the nose, especially after crying

Values learnt:

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Forgetful Anu learns to always pickup toys
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