Here you will find answers to some of our commonly asked questions (FAQs). For more queries, please email

What makes Neev so special?

Neev provides children with original and imaginative content to challenge and enhance their own creative capabilities. All the content on Neev has a link to India, its culture and people.

Neev also provides a platform for budding and experienced

  1. writers to take their passion for writing further,
  2. voice artists to enhance their skills and gain recognition for the lost art of storytelling,
  3. illustrators to further hone their skills and explore the depths of their capabilities.

What languages is Neev Magazine available in?

Neev Magazine is currently available in Hindi and in English.

Why is Neev Magazine available in Hindi?

Hindi and English are equal at Neev. Children are not proficient in reading Hindi due to the lack of appropriate content outside of their course books. One of Neev’s primary aims is to bring back the joy of reading Hindi. We also want to encourage NRI children to be in touch with Hindi.

Why does Neev Magazine have audio?

Here are three reasons why we have audio.

  1. By listening and reading at the same time, your child can improve his / her language skills.
  2. Perhaps your child is young but wants more mature stories; he / she can listen to them from the collection for the older age-groups.
  3. Audio allows your child to enjoy the magazine without straining the eyes on the computer for too long

What type of content does Neev Magazine provide?

Neev magazine provides textual content in the form of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, comic and fun with maths. We are always looking at ways to expand our content offering. If you follow us on our Facebook page or Twitter page, you will be informed when a new category has been introduced.

What types of non-fiction content is available on Neev Magazine?

Neev Magazine provides varied non-fiction content. This includes:

  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects,
  • ‘Fun with Maths’ articles,
  • Mysteries of nature,
  • Travel,
  • Art forms of India,
  • Environment,

and a lot more. We are always looking at ways to expand our content offering. If you follow us on our Facebook page or Twitter page, you will be informed when a new category has been introduced.

Can my child read the archived editions of Neev Magazine?

As long as you have an active account for your child, he / she will be able to access all the archived editions of Neev Magazine.

Can my child access Neev Magazine when outside the house?

Yes, our site is mobile friendly. All you need is a device that has an active data connection in order to access the content online. Be aware that accessing the audio and illustrations over a mobile data connection may incur additional costs (depending on your service provider).

Can I use the content provided by Neev Magazine elsewhere?

All the content on the Neev Magazine website is owned by Fun Read Pvt. Ltd. None of the content can be used commercially. If you would like to use some content for commercial purposes, please get in touch with us at

Is Neev only meant for children?

Neev has been developed for children aged 5 to 15. Hence, the content is appropriate for that age group. However, as avid readers ourselves, we totally understand if adults would also like to sign up for Neev. In fact, we would encourage it!

How can I be sure that my child will not be exposed to inappropriate content?

At Neev, it is our personal desire to ensure that we provide content that is appropriate for your child’s age and development. All the content that is published on the site goes through two levels of editing before being published.
In addition, Neev is an ad-free website. We will not subject your child to advertisements.

How can my child benefit from the audio content?

There are a number of benefits that your child can get from listening to the audio content on Neev Magazine:

  1. learning oratory skills,
  2. learning how to pronounce words,
  3. learning how to speak a language (Hindi and / or English),
  4. reducing time spent looking at the screen without missing out on the fun of the content.

How can my child benefit from the visual content?

There are a number of benefits that your child can get from the visual content on Neev Magazine:

  1. visualising a story,
  2. visualising how certain objects might look,
  3. exploring his / her imagination by drawing and colouring in our templates,
  4. developing an interest in art.

Can my child contribute content?

Yes, your child can also contribute content to Neev. Please read our child writer’s guidelines carefully.
In addition we encourage children to undertake the DIY (do it yourself) activities and send us photographs of their creative expressions.

Can I control what my child can read on Neev?

The content published in Neev Magazine is child safe. We take child cyber safety extremely seriously. Please read our 10 commandments for allowing your children to access any content online.

How can I provide feedback to Neev?

We always welcome feedback and are keen to hear your thoughts on our offerings. Please write to us at

How can I let Neev know of my complaints?

We are always keen to hear what troubles you with Neev’s offerings. Please write to us at

My question is still unanswered. What do I do?

In case your question remains unanswered, please get in touch with us by emailing