The author explains very passionately why it is important that each of us learns about the importance of connecting people to plants.

Even before  Adam opened his eyes in this universe, Mother Nature had silently laid the plants – trees, shrubs, grasses, under grasses, etc for him to ensure food, shelter, clothing and protection for him well in advance.

Plants after all are plants only. Only the man looks at them differently – or rather, hardly looks at them, despite being so close to them. For instance, we stand under a tree’s shade while dropping our children to the school bus, waiting for them to return from school, not to talk about preferring to park our car under its shade, taking shelter under it when suddenly caught in rain, waiting for our chartered bus and giving our learned opinion on the worldly affairs to others, without even looking at or appreciating the beautiful flowers it offers us.

Even in full bloom a tree cries if mankind does not stop, look and go by him without a friendly look or touch, yet its loyalty and servitude to mankind is so deep that it remains silent. It expresses in its own ways, like, shedding leaves or petals on us, which we fail to, understand.

Empowering environment by connecting people to plants in it is like creating a rainbow for ourselves which not only is soothing to the eyes but also brings vibrancy in our lives. With this beautiful perception of a rainbow amidst us, do you think there is a need for empowering environment?

Empowering Environment by Connecting People to Plants

This may arouse the question in your mind as to why connect with plants only and for what?

Human behaviour very well known to us, even if we take up the above advice sincerely without any ifs and buts it is likely that we may plant a few trees in a huff and not go back to take care like watering. We may, in fact, water it so much that it tilts and gradually goes away.

There are many other things by which one can help proper growth of healthy trees with their legitimate rights accorded to them, like, proper space, ventilation, watering, post plantation care, cutting and pruning, washing, medication, etc.

Lo & behold! From Uttarakhand to Vaishno Devi, the entire hill range forests are burning.  It did not happen just this year, but has become an annual ritual as if sponsored by some agency. This, for all of us, is an hour of reckoning where we have to compulsively decide about our connecting with plants immediately for posterity.

I hope and sincerely wish that henceforth we may start looking at trees with greater concern and love in our eyes. I hope we can pay our gratitude to them for their wonderful presence in our lives giving us colours, fragrance and medicinal properties they hold for our well-being.

Empowering environment by connecting people to plants
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