Nandu was a brown puppy who lived in a small colony in Dehradun. His friends, Mili, the black cat and Bhola, the leader of the dogs had told him that someone had left him there when he was only a month old. He was looked after by the kind tea stall owner who would give him milk and biscuits every day. But Nandu had a dream – whenever he watched the boy in house number 12 playing with his pet dog, how he longed to have a friend like him! When he shared his dream with his friends, they laughed and laughed. Bhola said, “Nandu, no one takes home a stray dog. It’s not possible.” But Nandu never let his dream die. He used to play with his human friend in his imagination and completely believed it.

One day, a new family arrived in the colony. Somna, the little girl in the family seemed to be sad. Out of curiosity, Nandu went near her when she was playing in the park. Somna came running to him and picked him up. There were no bound to Nandu’s happiness. Both played for a long time. This became a routine for them.

But Mili and Bhola were not too happy. They warned Nandu that soon Somna would get bored of him and he would be unhappier than before. A few days went by. One day, Nandu saw Somna getting a dog house with her father. She seemed to be really excited. Nandu’s heart sank. Bhola was right; Somna had forgotten him and was getting a new puppy for herself. He did not go to the park to play with her that day. He was heartbroken.

The next morning, Bhola came looking for him. “Nandu! Where were you yesterday? I have some news for you”. “I know”, he said in a low voice, “Somna is getting a puppy for herself”. Bhola smiled, “Oh, that’s why you did not go to the park yesterday. You know what! Somna was looking for you everywhere. It is you she wants to adopt!”

Dreams come true

Nandu was on cloud nine. His excitement was sky high. He ran towards Somna’s house. Bhola thought with a smile, “Dreams indeed come true if we believe in them”.

Dreams come true
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