I have some questions, dear scarlet-golden sun,

Do you feel lonely being the only celestial fireball in the horizon?

Dear glowing medallion in the sky,

Are you eternal and immortal, will you never die?

Dear saffron-red sun, you are solar system’s own fireball,

Then, why do you vanish as soon as nightfall dawns?

They say that Mother Earth was born from you,

In that sense, we are your children, isn’t that true?

Dear Sun

Dear God’s own miracle, nature’s morning star,

Why on some days do you shine brighter, other days you’re milder?

You make the beautiful rainbows possible, those streaks of multi-coloured hues,

Is the moon wrapped in its silky-velvet blanket afraid of you?

Do you not feel weary and occasionally crave for some rest?

You are a prodigious creation, probably nature’s best,

Dear dawning star, around you revolves the circle of life,

Are you just wanting some rest when you vanish during the night?

Dear yellow-golden beautiful sun,

Where do you vanish when the day’s done?

Dear scorching sun, it’s you who makes this entire world of our’s possible,

To keep a positive outlook in life, you are the source of inspiration,

Dear sun why do you dazzle, why are you molten-gold?

Your true story, in our eyes is yet to unfold,

Do you represent the inner glow of a mind when you are at your peak?

When you are at sinking below the sea at dusk, do you feel weak?

Dear sun do you represent a soul’s inner beauty?

Without your ray of hope, our life would be miserable and gloomy,

Dear Sun, you are only one of your kind,

You are equal to a God’s fine miracle, for humans you are like the divine,

Dear Sun, you are a mystery, your story is unknown,

All we know is that you spread a new hope for a better tomorrow.

Dear Sun
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