Dear rose, you don’t utter a word, yet I hear your soft whispers,

Every time I hear you, questions rise within me, satisfy my hunger,

When spring has just arrived by a loved one’s graveside, why do you bloom?

On corners of graves, which behold memories, long since entombed.

O’ majestic flower, how do you keep your spirit through storms?

And dance in the rain, without waiting for the darkness to be gone?

You’re a flower with much to tell, share some with me,

I’ll hear your musings, I’ll be your sole company.

dear rose

Dear rose, do you nod to the stars, in the dark blue skies above,

O’ flower you carry tales of thousand hearts, some fables of endearing love,

You’ve seen some hearts shatter, you’ve seen agony,

Dear rose, share a part of you with me, for I’ll be your lone company.

Why do your petals shed pearl-dew tears, when a loved one dies?

Why do your petals, mysteriously smile when you’re a beloved one’s surprise?

Dear rose, why does your presence comfort me, why do I feel so soothed?

I’ll keep your secrets safe, tell me some, if you feel I’m worthy to.

Dear rose, when you are carried with the winds, somewhere far away,

Lost to the lands in the distant, to rise as a new rose, on another day,

Dear rose, the voidness and pain of losing you, will sting so painfully,

You will not be forgotten, for I would have lost my lone company.

Dear Rose
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