Post Series: Dave and Rick on Mars

Part 1 – The Journey to Mars

Long time ago in USA lived a boy named Dave. His parents passed away & he lived with his uncle & aunt. His uncle & aunt were poor so they didn’t send Dave to school. He had a tuition which was once in a week. He always wanted to be an astronaut & wanted to discover a new planet.

Dave went to supply tea in offices. From that he earned a US dollar each month. Dave collected money for 6 years & he almost collected 72 dollars which was enough to join a governmental school. Dave got many scholarships for continuing his studies. Now Dave was 25 & he was giving his final papers for being an astronaut. He got 99.9 out of 100.

Dave now was an astronaut but due to old age his uncle & aunt had passed away. He missed them a lot. Now Dave lived with his friend named Rick. Rick also was an astronaut. Both of them were the main astronauts of NASA. One day Dave & Rick had a brilliant idea. They thought of being the first humans to reach Mars.

The president of USA was also looking for the same idea. On 19th May 2016, Dave & Rick were ready for an adventure for 2 years & a week. This mission was only to explore the planet. It took them a year to reach Mars. Dave & Rick had promised that both of them would come out together, whenever the spaceship would land.

Man on mars - part 1

When they landed, they realised it was extremely hot for them as they had landed close to one of the biggest Martian volcano named Olympus Mons. They had studied that it was one of the largest volcano in the galaxy, 550 kilometers wide & 21 kilometers long. It was the longest volcano mountain in the solar system & second longest mountain.

Since it was so hot Dave & Rick couldn’t go near the Olympus Mons to collect samples. They just took pictures and observed the volcano in awe.  They could also see the asteroid belt with their machines. They noticed that Mars was smaller than Earth and they also noticed that there were 2 moons instead of 1.

After a week of discovery Dave & Rick are back on their way to Earth, excited to share their experience with everyone on Earth.

Dave and Rick on Mars – The journey to Mars
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