Post Series: Dave and Rick on Mars

Dave & Rick are on their way back to Earth. For the first month of their journey, they had no problems but in the second month their spaceship faced some technical problem so they had to come out and fix it.

As soon as they came out they saw one asteroid being misplaced from the asteroid belt. An asteroid belt is a huge belt made up of asteroid which is between Mars & Jupiter and it also defines the inner & outer planets.

Dave & Rick were frightened but they patched up the fault quickly and returned to the spaceship to make their way back. The only hitch was that it could stop any time.

Man on mars - part 2

After some months of tension Dave & Rick could see Earth and they were elated. Suddenly, they could smell something burning and they saw that some of the samples they had collected, had reacted. Just then, the spaceship also stopped.

Dave & Rick were very frightened as their spaceship was burning. They could do only one thing which was their back-up plan. A back-up plan makes the spaceship into 2 parts to remove the burning part but then they continue roaming around for their whole life, till an anchor ship tags them home.

Dave & Rick did the back-up plan & started roaming around. As soon as NASA got to know about it they made a rescue mission & sent a spaceship to bring them back. The rescue was successful & for such a big achievement Dave & Rick got a Noble prize!

Dave and Rick on Mars – The journey back to Earth
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