Wouldn’t you like to know how to do well in an interview? Here are 13 great tips to help you crack an interview.

Interviewing is an established method of recruitment be it a job, a competition or admission to a college. Interviews are the most common methods used to analyze the suitability of the candidate as it is a one on one process to understand and evaluate a candidate.

Almost everyone in his / her educational or work life has experienced an interview in their life.

An interview is an in depth one on one interaction between the interviewer and interviewee. The process helps to determine not only a candidate’s knowledge but also his/her strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and give an insight into his/her personality, mannerisms, social self and self-esteem.

Since an interview is a one on one intense process, it can be intimidating for many of us. We feel scared to go through this process. It is natural to feel nervous in an interview, but little bit of planning and understanding can help you shine through it.

Cracking an interview like a pro

Let’s check out some of the important tips and tricks that can help you face interviews with confidence and lead you to success.

  1. Be yourself: A golden rule for success in an interview is to be true to yourself. Your testimonials should match your knowledge, actions, behavior and personality. It’s easy to pretend but it’s easier to be caught by an expert’s eye! If you are nervous, try to keep your calm rather than pretend to be normal and ultra confident.
  2. Your body language: This is the single most factor that distinguishes any other testing methods from an interview. Your body language is surely witnessed throughout the interview. Remember to smile and look into the interviewer’s eyes while answering questions. Sit straight and never lean on the chair or the table. Your body language must reflect your calm composed and confident self.
  3. Dress to impress: An interview is a formal setting. So, it is better to wear formal shirts, skirts or trousers. If it’s a college interview, a blue denim and white shirt is also a good choice.
  4. Be ready with a good introduction: Many interviewers ask for a self introduction. This can be your chance to impress. So, make notes and plan to present a powerful introduction of yourself.
  5. Most interviews follow a pattern, a circle of questions that usually emerge from the conversations. So, be alert about what could be the next question. Always bring out the topics you are confident about and not those you vaguely know as you may be asked to deliberate on them.
  6. Never beat around the bush with your answers. No one likes to hear stories. Give precise and to the point answers.
  7. There is no room for guesses in an interview. It’s much better to say I don’t know the answer rather than guessing or giving wrong answers.
  8. Show your openness to learning. Be attentive to what they are saying. If you are unaware about a certain topic or question, don’t forget to say that you are unaware but very willing to learn about it. It leaves a good impression.
  9. There is no scope for exaggeration in an interview. Try to be as honest, humble and as down to earth as possible. Never pretend to be an expert, but a person who is always willing to share his / her knowledge and learn from others.
  10. Be ready with your answers to some of the common questions that could be asked in an interview.
    1. Strengths and weaknesses
    2. Who is your inspiration and why
    3. Gaps in your job / education if any
    4. Why would you like to work in this organization / study this course?
    5. Why do you think you are suitable for pursuing this course / undertaking this job
    6. Describe your work profile and your learning from it.
  11. Do not speak negative about your previous work, office mates, friends, family or school. That just speaks low of you as a person and gives out negative vibes.
  12. Do not interrupt when interviewers are speaking. Speak only when desired.
  13. Be ready to ask questions. Some interviewers may give you a chance to ask questions at the end of the interview. Be ready to ask logical and intelligent questions that might be of concern if you join the job or take admission in the course. Work timings, leave or salary are not the right questions to ask at that time.

So next time you are going on an interview, never go unplanned. Follow these tips and tricks and be ready to rock. Wish you successful interviews ahead.

Crack an interview like a pro
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