Cinders is never treated as well as her step sister Chalky. Find out how hard work pays off for Cinders to become the fastest princess.

Cinders the little chirpy princess was neither fair nor slim. She was quite unlike Chalky her step sister, who as claimed by Devilia, the new queen of the Kingdom of Fantasy was fair, slender and quite attractive. Devilia lost no opportunity in humiliating Cinders in the presence of guests. During such times Devilia would turn to her iPhone and say, “Hey Siri Siri on the phone who is the fairest in this home?”

Of course, Siri always replied “Chalky”. This made Devilia and Chalky very happy.

Fed up of such humiliations one day Cinders decided to visit the nearby mall all alone. She began exploring the stores she had never visited earlier. As she walked in the corridor, she noticed a mannequin wearing a tank top and smart denim shorts. Being a princess she was not allowed to wear such clothes, but today she wanted to look different.

Cinders – the fastest princessShe came out looking very smart and cool. Then she decided to replace her tiara for some stuff she had seen girls wearing on their hair. “Ahha”, she said when she saw the accessories store. This was exactly what she needed.

Then she went to the shoe shop. But, just as she tried only one sneaker in fluorescent orange, her phone rang. “Where are you silly girl?” screamed Devilia.

“Oh, on my way back to the palace”, said Cinders and quickly placing a wad of notes at the counter she rushed back to her red Ferrari. Although she wore only one shoe she could still run at lightning speed. She left the panting salesman far behind with the other shoe. All this was noticed by someone…the person who took the other shoe and went looking for this little swift girl. Right from all the malls, to apartments, to schools, and even hobby classes, no option was left unexplored. Yet he could not find her. But, he was not the kind to give up because he had a mission to accomplish.

One day despite all odds he decided to visit the palace and share his mission with the king. So after taking an appointment, he went to meet the ruler and his queen Devilia.  He shared the reason for the search and described the little girl to the royal couple. They obviously could not guess it was Cinders, because they had never seen her dressed casually. However, the mission excited Devilia who insisted that all little girls in the palace should try the shoe.

She forced Chalky to try it, whose larger shoe size prevented her from fitting into it. Finally, when Cinders wore the shoe, the king beamed with pride and allowed Cinders to go with this man to realize the mission.

Cinders – the fastest princess

Two months later arrived the day the entire country had been waiting for. Their nation had chosen a new athlete for international sports. This time it was none other than Princess Cinders who was chosen to represent the Kingdom of Fantasy.

At the sound of the whistle, she began her sprint and gradually moved past other athletes, except one.  When the two athletes seemed to cross the finish line together, it became necessary to turn to technology for the final answer. So the king took out his iPhone and asked “Hey Siri Siri my dearest chum, who is the fastest in the stadium?”

“Your majesty, it’s none other than Princess Cinders”, said Siri, and she began chuckling because she was certainly smart enough to guess what Devilia forced her to say all these years.

Word meanings:

  • mannequin: dress makers dummy
  • mission: goal
  • represent: to be a symbol

Values learnt:

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Cinders – the fastest princess
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