Karan was a student of Grade 4. One day when he reached his class, he saw that his teacher, Sujata Ma’am was distributing chocolates to all the children. It was Ma’am’s birthday. Ma’am gave a chocolate to Karan also. Karan wished her on her birthday and said, “Thank You.”

Then Ma’am started teaching. After some time the class got over. Ma’am picked up her books and went out. Karan noticed that Ma’am had forgotten her purse on the table. He said to his friend Paras, “See, Ma’am has forgotten her purse on the table. I’ll go and give it to her.”

As Karan walked towards the staff room, he remembered that after distributing chocolates to all the children, Ma’am still had a few left in her purse. He opened the purse and saw that some chocolates were there indeed. On seeing so many chocolates he got tempted and thought, “If I take one chocolate…”


“But stealing is wrong,” a voice spoke in his head.

“But I am not stealing money, after all. It is just a small chocolate. Anyways, Ma’am will not eat these many chocolates all alone.”

Karan had these contradictory thoughts and eventually, took out a chocolate and kept it in his pocket. By that time he had reached the staff room.

“Oh! I had left my purse! You are such a good child. Thank You!” Ma’am said, and stroked his hair lovingly.

Karan spoke softly, “Thank You!” and began to return when Ma’am called him. Karan got scared.

He thought, “Ma’am has come to know. Now she’ll scold me.”

But as he turned back, he saw that Ma’am had a chocolate in her hand. She gave the chocolate to Karan and said, “This is for your good deed. Well done!”

Now Karan’s eyes welled up with tears. Ma’am got bewildered. She asked, “What is the matter, Karan? Why are you crying?”

Karan answered tearfully, “Ma’am! Please pardon me. I am not a good child. I had taken a chocolate from your purse without your permission. I am sorry, Ma’am.” Saying this he took out the chocolate from his pocket and gave it to Ma’am.

Ma’am became serious and she said, “Karan, taking anything that does not belong to you, without permission is not right.”

Karan replied remorsefully, “Ma’am, I am sorry. I’ll never do this again.”

Ma’am stroked his hair and said, “I know that you’ll not do this again. Your confession has proved it.”

Ma’am gave a chocolate to him and said, “Keep this chocolate with you. This is the reward for speaking truth. But remember that if you like something that belongs to others, first ask them; if they say ‘yes’ only then should you take it. Ok?”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Karan stopped crying and said. He then turned to go back to his class.

Today he had learnt a new lesson – not only is everybody happy with truthful people, but it brings happiness to them also as truthful people are not scared of anything.


Word meanings:

  • Eventually – in the end
  • Remorsefully – full of regret

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