Cheeku was a young boy who studied in a small school in the city of Bikaner. Cheeku was very good at everything, just not at sports. He used to take part in quiz competitions and poem recitation contests and annual functions, but dreaded the Sports Day. He was just not interested in playing any sport. In the school, he never used to go out to play in the sports period. He used to make some excuse and remain in the class. At home, he used to spend his time either watching television or reading comics.

One day, a new sports teacher came to Cheeku’s school. He made it compulsory for all the boys and the girls to participate in the Sports Day. Cheeku was terrified. He tried to run the obstacle and relay races, but gave up half way. He tried long jump, badminton and table tennis too, but could not do anything properly. Cheeku was really disappointed with himself.

Cheeku’s sports coach asked him to stop being upset and not to give up so easily. He told him that strong and brave people never surrender without fighting. Physical fitness is extremely important for good health. He also reminded Cheeku about the famous proverb – ‘No pain, no gain’.

Cheeku learns to run

Cheeku was truly inspired by his coach’s words. He decided to take up this challenge and prove himself on the sports field also. He quit wasting his time at home and started exercising at home. In the beginning, his legs and arms hurt badly, but he refused to stop trying.

With daily exercise, very soon, Cheeku was able to easily run races and play most of the outdoor games. He was extremely happy, and so was his sports coach!

Dear children, as mentioned in the story it is very important for all of you to take part in sports to stay fit. While indoor sports sharpen your intellect, outdoor sports increase your physical strength and stamina. All you need to do is to push yourselves a little to become good at something.

Quitters never win and winners never quit.

Word meanings:

  • Dreaded – be afraid of
  • Compulsory – necessary
  • Terrified – afraid
Cheeku learns to run
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