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The Astronaut Princess

The astronaut Princess

A long time ago, in a palace, there lived a king and a queen. They had everything they wanted except…

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Dave And Rick On Mars – The Journey To Mars

Dave and Rick on Mars – The journey to Mars

Part 1 – The Journey to Mars Long time ago in USA lived a boy named Dave. His parents passed…

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The Plant

The plant

I planted a plant next to a plant The plant had a very small leaf Right next to my plant…

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The Ticket To Mumbai

The ticket to Mumbai

It was a bright sunny day as usual, in the middle of my summer holidays and I was getting very…

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I Can’t Remember

I can’t remember

I can’t remember my previous birth Whether I was on Venus or Earth Either an animal or a bird Whether…

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Galaxy Of Numbers

Galaxy of numbers

Once upon a time, in the Land of Numbers, lived 9 friends named 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,…

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Thread Painting, Courtesy Banaao – A Makers’ Playground

Thread painting, courtesy Banaao – A Makers’ Playground

Our friends at Banaao - A Makers' Playground ran a workshop and created this project on thread painting. Have a…

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Army Day Contest Entries 2017

Army Day contest entries 2017

  The winners of the Army day contest are: Anusha Agarwal, Anmol Sharma and Aditi Mishra. Each of you will receive a…

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The Old Secret House

The old secret house

Chapter 1: The Old House There was a girl named Shrema Thakur and her younger brother named Veer Thakur. They…

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What Is Happiness?

What is happiness?

Happiness is that speechless expression On you parents face, When they see you have learnt, To live by your days.…

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Why Not A Girl

Why not a girl

  A girl is the best creation of God, We hope to give her the respect she wants. A girl…

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सच्ची मित्रता

सच्ची मित्रता

दो मित्र थे राम और श्याम । दोनों एक ही कक्षा में पढ़ते थे । राम और श्याम पढ़ाई के…

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काश यह सूरज न होता , मैं भी खूब देर तक सोता , स्कूल मुझे न जाना पड़ता , न…

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Hi Lost

Hi lost

The fire in her soul, The cold in her eyes. The hate in her heart, God knows what lies. Beneath…

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Night Near The Waterfront

Night near the waterfront

Darkness covered the sky, abandoning me in the sombre shadows of the sturdy trees. Rustling of the leaves didn’t allow me…

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An Educator, Instructor And Mentor

An educator, instructor and mentor

Today I am here to narrate a story, a splendid tale of how a teacher changed the course of a…

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What Is A Teacher Like?

What is a teacher like?

I wonder what a teacher is like, When she is not in school? Is she like what she is in…

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Big Heart

Big heart

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An Apology

An apology

Dear Ma’am, It’s my last day in school and I’m minding all of my Ps and Qs. Yet somewhere deep…

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The Hotel’s Secret – Part 3

The hotel’s secret – part 3

There was something else also hidden under the mat – a card in which it was written, ‘Come to my…

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The Hotel’s Secret – Part 2

The hotel’s secret – part 2

Well reader, I told you about the S.S.S.R., right? Well, you know, I didn’t know the full form. The Staff…

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The Hotel’s Secret

The hotel’s secret

One day when I woke up, my mother told me that we were going to Dehradun tomorrow. At midnight, I…

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My Cricket Set

My cricket set

I like my bat. I like my ball. I like my cricket set. I like my helmet. I like my…

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The Parrot

The parrot

I see the parrot every day, But sometimes it flies away, Dear parrot come back, Or I will feel sad…

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The Decorator Boy And The Snow Queen

The Decorator boy and the Snow queen

Once upon a time, a boy went to the market and bought a Christmas Tree. The Christmas tree looked very…

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What Is The Time?

What is the time?

What is the time? It’s half past one. Come let’s have fun. What is the time? It’s half past two.…

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Cricket Day

Cricket Day

Today is cricket day. Today is cricket day. It’s not raining. Let’s play cricket. I am so happy. I am…

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Unexpected Encounter

Unexpected encounter

“Damn it!” I said, “why does mom send me to the bus stop at 6:00 AM, when the bus arrives…

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