On her visit to Granny, Prisha notices some odd things. In the story of the burglars, read about how Prisha saves the day.

Prisha excitedly rang her grandmother’s doorbell. Granny liked living all alone in her small apartment. Her bad knees always prevented her from opening the door quickly. However, today she took unusually longer and looked very strange with her face all covered up by her saree which was worn untidily. She appeared unwell and her voice was hoarse, which made her speech inaudible.  So Prisha’s mother decided to go to the chemist and get some medication. She however left Prisha behind to assist the elderly lady during this time.

For some reason Prisha was not comfortable sitting next to her granny that day. Therefore, she made an excuse and expressed a desire to play with her toys. Granny appeared relieved to hear this. This was an unusual reaction which made Prisha suspicious. Just when Prisha turned to leave the room, she noticed something strange under the bed. To her horror she realised that it was her grandmother tied up under the bed. She looked at the other person who pretended to be her granny and panicked. However, she quickly regained her composure and left the room quietly.

Brave Prisha and the story of the burglars

Prisha then tip-toed to the adjoining room where she found her granny’s mobile phone lying on the floor. Luckily during their last visit Prisha’s father had installed a surveillance camera which was connected to granny’s mobile phone. It now displayed the recording of a stranger mugging granny, tying her up and carrying her to the bedroom. It also showed how the stranger quickly and clumsily wrapped a saree, covered his head, and attended to the doorbell. “No wonder granny looked so strange”, thought Prisha. She could now figure out the sequence of events.

Just while she was wondering about the next course of action, the doorbell rang again. Prisha rushed to open the door and was relieved to see her mother. She showed the recording to her mother, who went to the balcony and dialled the police. The burglar had no reaction time. He was easily nabbed by the police, who untied granny. Although badly shaken, granny still managed to hug Prisha, who was praised by all for her smartness and presence of mind.

Word meanings:

  • hoarse: (here) heavy and throaty
  • inaudible: (here) muffled
  • sequence: series

Values learnt:

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Brave Prisha and the story of the burglars
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