Want to teach your child good values, but don’t know where to start? Want to know the top 3 values to teach your child? Read on.

Top 3 values to teach your childIn a world where time is a premium, it is essential that parents are equipped with information to help them in bringing up their children. One of the key aspects for parents to be aware of is how to make each conversation count. In this blog post, I will reveal the top 3 values that each parent should teach their child by using everyday experiences.

What are values?

Values are what make us different from wild animals. It is the core of being a human being. Values are behaviours that each one of us exhibit in our daily life. When faced with a situation, our natural reaction to that situation exhibits what values makes up the core of us – the human being. The most important point to be aware of is that you should not just focus conversations on good values, but also focus conversations on bad values so that growing children can understand what bad values are and how they can impact individuals and society as well.

So now we have established that talking about values is important in everyday conversations. Let’s now take a look at the top 3 values every parent should focus on.

Top 3 values to teach your child

1. Honesty

Top 3 values to teach your childIf you are looking for the one, the most important value – this is it. If we live in a world where people are honest, there will naturally follow trust amongst human beings. You should talk to your child about all the situations they face with this lens. If the plumber says he’s coming in 30 minutes, but actually intends on coming in 3 hours, or if the electrician says the new part costs 500 when in reality it costs 250 – talk about these everyday situations from the lens of honesty and how it impacts everyone involved. Talk about the importance of being honest and how it can improve the world we live in. Here are some stories that will help you teach your child the importance of being honest.

2. Respect

Top 3 values to teach your childTake your child out to a restaurant and show him / her respect in action. Show your child how you converse with the person that waits on you. Show your child what respect means in daily situations. Respect is important. Just because someone waits on you, or is stitching your clothes, or cleans your house for you doesn’t mean they are any less than you. They are doing a job and their job involves providing you a service that makes your life a bit more comfortable. So respect them for that and teach your child to do the same. Here are some stories that will help you teach your child the importance of respect.

3. Acceptance

Top 3 values to teach your childEveryone is different – you already know that. Everyone has their strengths, weaknesses, preferences and in some cases disabilities. You should teach your child the importance of acceptance at an early age. Even in school, your child is in a classroom full of children that are different – just as your child is. Everyone has a basic human urge to be accepted within a social circle – whether thats in school, at University, in office or even in an old-age home. Show your child what acceptance really means by explaining it from the point of view of your own social circle. Remember, not being tolerant to accept other people and their differences is just a form of bullying. Here are some stories that will help you teach your child the importance of acceptance and the different forms it can take.

While these are the top 3 values, there are many many more values that parents should teach children through conversations everyday. Here’s a list of values that will help. Click on any value to read stories that will help you in your conversations.