As a parent, are you on the lookout for stories to teach your child self-belief? Does your child have a special skill but is afraid to progress it? Does your child lack confidence? You are not alone. Read this article to find out about 5 great stories that you can use to teach your child the importance of self-belief.

Why stories?

Stories are the best way to teach children. Novelist John Berger suggested that the stories that young children see or read can have a strong influence on how they think and behave. Children relate to the characters and behave as them when faced with the same situation.

5 great stories about self-belief

Dragon clown1. Shonty the famous dragon clown

This is the story of Shonty, a young friendly dragon. However, all the other animals are scared of him because he keeps causing accidents. Through hard work and self-belief, Shonty discovers a special skill that he has and becomes a famous dragon clown. Read the story.

I wish to be a2. I wish to be a…

Everyone has a dream to become someone special when they grow up. In this story of self belief, Reet and her family tackle the age old question and get an insight into each other’s dreams. Read the story.

Go for it Raghav - Part II3. Go for it Raghav – part 1 and Go for it Raghav – part 2

This is a two part story, so make sure you read both parts. In the first part of the story, Raghav has just started senior school. He is short, but is interested in playing basketball for his school team. In the second part of the story, Raghav works on his self belief and works on his strengths. Read the first part and read the second part.

How a myth worked on Nalini4. How a myth worked on Nalini

Nalini has been brainwashed to believe in a myth. She believes in an astrologer’s prediction and feared for her father’s life. In this story of self belief, Nalini’s father coaches her and explains the importance of believing in oneself. Read the story.

Munmun Batak and Kala Kachap5. Munmun Batak and Kala Kachap

A long time ago in Kalpanaland, there lived a wise duck called Munmun Batak. Animals from far and wide came to ask her for advice. In this story of self belief, Munmun Batak thinks of a practical way to explain that is important to believe in yourself. Read the story.

Just not stories though

Remember, children are always observing people and situations around them. They easily pick up on how others around them are behaving and tend to learn from that. It is important then to be mindful to play the right role-model to your child.