It was the holy month of Ramadan. Imraan was super excited as the festival of Eid was coming nearer. He had collected 500 rupees from his pocket money to buy a kurta-pyjama for himself.

He called his friend Jamal and together they went to the market. The market was over-crowded that day. Somebody was buying clothes, somebody was buying sweets while some others were busy choosing different things to decorate their homes.

As Imraan and Jamal were about to enter the cloth merchant’s shop, they noticed a small boy sitting quietly in front of it. The boy was wearing dirty and torn clothes. His eyes were filled with sadness. He was begging the passers-by for money. Imraan and Jamal felt very sorry for him.

the best eid ever

Upon asking, the poor boy told them that his name was Chandu. Imraan and Jamal thought of giving their share of money to Chandu. Suddenly, Imraan remembered that his mother had once told him that giving money to the beggars is not a good idea. When people get easy money, they become lazy and do not wish to work.

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Word Meanings:

  • Ramadan-The holy month of Muslims in which they keep fasts, go to mosques, pray to God and help the poor.
  • Merchant – seller
  • Passers-by – people who walk by something on a street

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The best Eid ever
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