First published in September 2016

Bablu was a young boy your age. He was a very good student. He always got good grades in school. All of his teachers had a good word to say about him.

Bablu loved playing games on his father’s cell phone. When his father went to the office, he used to take his mother’s cell phone for playing games. His parents always told him not to spend so much time on the cell phone but Bablu never listened to them.

One day, when Bablu came back from his school, he had a terrible headache. His mother applied balm on his head to ease his pain, but it did not help. In the evening, Bablu’s parents took him to the doctor.

The doctor told Bablu’s parents that his eyesight had become weak and he would have to wear spectacles. Bablu was really sad. The doctor told Bablu that he could get rid of his spectacles if he ate right and looked after his eyes properly. The doctor warned Bablu to stop playing games on the cell phone for a long time. He also suggested some easy eye-exercises for Bablu. Bablu did as he was told, and within no time, Bablu got rid of his spectacles.


Word meanings:

  • Terrible – Very bad
  • Balm – A cream or oil used to reduce pain
  • Rid – free from
Background music: Behind Your Window (Kai Engel) / CC BY 4.0
Bablu learns his lesson
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