Hello friends! I am Jack. I am a horse. I am black in colour and four years old. I live in a farm with my master and his family. They are very kind and caring. My master feeds me fresh grass and gives me a bath every day. I am a very happy horse. The mistress cleans my stable regularly. They have two sons.

I work in the farm. I help my master carry heavy load and drag things from one place to the other. My master loves to ride me whenever he goes to the city. His sons too are learning to ride a horse and they play with me. They take good care of me and never hit me. The mistress gives me sugar cubes to eat sometimes when she is happy with my work and they are very tasty. I sometimes get scolded when I am restless and do not obey their command.my favourite pastime is galloping around the farm and chewing the cud.

Aditya Dagar (10 years)

I am also a watch horse of the family and guard the farm when everyone else is asleep. One night a thief broke into the farm. I suddenly woke up with the sound of a bang! I quietly followed the thief and just when he was about to open the door my master’s house I kicked him hard and he went flying up in the air and landed on the branch of a tree…ha haaaa!! I cried for my master who patted me for my bravery and tied the thief to the tree. Next day the villagers came with police. Everybody patted me and said what a fine boy I was. They also got presents for me. There was fresh grass, pales of fresh water from the spring, a new straw mat and lots and lots of my favourite sugar cubes.my master was very happy and proud of me. That was the best day of my life.

I am living very happily with my family. Yes! My master considers me a member of their family.

Autobiography of a horse
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