Poltu Piglet’s Rumbling Stomach – Leading A Healthy Life

Poltu Piglet’s Rumbling Stomach – leading a healthy life

Poltu piglet was lazy and he loved to eat. Soon he realised that needed to lead a healthy life. Poltu…

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The Ball That Would Not Stop Bouncing

The ball that would not stop bouncing

On a visit to a toy shop, Suraj picks up a new red ball. What will happen when he will…

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Tanvi’s Loving Friends Teach Us About Sharing

Tanvi’s loving friends teach us about sharing

Tanvi is in class 2. One day she in not able to bring her tiffin. Her friends teach us about…

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The Day Dadaji Saw A Ghost

The day Dadaji saw a ghost

In one of Dadaji’s many stories, he says he actually saw a ghost. Would you believe him? Read his story…

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Winter Wonderland – A Trip To The Snow

Winter wonderland – a trip to the snow

Is the snow not nice? Or is the snow fun? Jai and his twin sister Jiya find out on their…

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Challenges Can Be Fun – Story Of A Good Student

Challenges can be fun – story of a good student

Chintu was a poor orphan, but a good student. One dreary winter, he studies hard for a private school admission…

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Four Magic Words

Four magic words

Today Miss Sania teaches her class the four magic words. These words can teach you good manners. Class 1–A was…

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The Best Birthday Gift Ever

The best birthday gift ever

Rohan’s birthday is around the corner. This year his Dadaji gives him the best birthday gift ever – a magic…

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Tara’s Unusual Pets

Tara’s unusual pets

By chance, Mr. Khanna, Mrs. Khanna and Tara have additions to their family in the form of unusual pets. Mr.…

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Stop That Noise Pollution

Stop that noise pollution

Class nine of Summerhill High School get together to raise awareness about the noise pollution plaguing our surroundings. There was…

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The Rainy Season Is Here

The rainy season is here

Preeti learns to enjoy the rainy season on her daily walk to school. There are dark clouds in the sky.…

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Mini’s New Friend

Mini’s new friend

Mini’s new friend was different. So Mini decided to be like her new friend. “Look! We have new neighbours!” Mini’s…

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How The Hedgehog Got Its Spines

How the Hedgehog got its spines

Do you know how the Hedgehog got its spines? Read this interesting story. Rajaji National Park on the outskirts of…

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Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry

When Neha forgets her umbrella and catches a cold, she realises that it is better to be safe than sorry.…

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Why Are Sunflowers Called Sunflowers?

Why are sunflowers called sunflowers?

The sunflower is a majestic flower. But not all was well for this flower. Read this fascinating story to know…

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Cheeku, The Naughty Cloud – A Story About Discipline

Cheeku, the naughty cloud – a story about discipline

In this story about discipline, the naughty cloud learns a lesson for disturbing the sun and it's daily routine. Cheeku,…

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Forgetful Anu Learns To Always Pickup Toys

Forgetful Anu learns to always pickup toys

Anu is a forgetful girl. She is always forgetting to pick up her toys. In this story, Anu learns to…

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