Five Little Friends Meet A Dragon Slayer

Five little friends meet a dragon slayer

Hello there, friends! We are going to go on a small journey to a charming little place called ‘Karina’. A…

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The Value Of Money

The value of money

Neha had just turned 13 and that also meant the start of receiving weekly pocket money from her parents. She…

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Never Steal

Never steal

All Sumit wants is to eat some strawberries. Is it ok for him to steal? In this story we learn…

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Making Up Stories

Making up stories

Sumer learns the hard way that making up stories can lead to soured relationships. Sumer and I are walking to…

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A Mouse In The House

A mouse in the house

I have this great fear of creepy crawlies, lizards and mice. They make me feel all icky and weird but…

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Pet Grooming

Pet grooming

Pet grooming is a new profession in India. With more people opting to keep pets, the pet grooming industry is on…

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The Foaming River

The foaming river

It poured through the night. Towards dawn the raindrops slowed to a gentle patter. A cold breeze blew down the…

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Penny’s Antics

Penny’s antics

“Oh, My!” shrieked Mama Oberoi. She was getting ready to go out for her weekly marketing chores when she discovered…

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A Test Of Courage

A test of courage

The mist and the clouds swirled around the roof of ‘Fairview School.’ One of the most renowned and beautiful schools…

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Happiness Is Being Yourself

Happiness is being yourself

Tubby the baby elephant wants to go on a diet to reduce weight. Taking help from Chimpoo and Gabby, he…

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Disappointment Leads To Friendship

Disappointment leads to friendship

Keshav and his family have moved to a new town. Read this story of how he turns Salil’s bullying into…

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The Curse Of The Rain

The curse of the rain

“Why do you hate the rain so much? It is not good,” said Ananya. “Look outside your window and see…

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Always Remain Positive

Always remain positive

Through this story about Sanjay, we learn why it is important to always remain positive and how to deal with…

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Baba Pasha – The Preaching Dog

Baba Pasha – the preaching dog

Pasha my energetic Labrador gets into the wrong company. Read the story of how I deal with his incessant preaching.…

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Birthday Blues

Birthday blues

Penny was having an extremely wonderful day, as it was her birthday. She was 2 years old and everyone at…

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Coping With The Sizzling Summers

Coping with the sizzling summers

During the summers, when the temperature is at the highest, Seema and her family look for an escape. The last…

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Wandering Tales

Wandering tales

I love travelling… It is more like wandering as I tend to visit places on a whim and without any…

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My Summer Vacation

My summer vacation

I always enjoy travelling. So why should this summer vacation be any different? Come on a wonderful journey by the…

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Our School Trip To Nainital

Our school trip to Nainital

Every year my school organises a trip to a beautiful part of India. This year the school trip is going to…

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Paradise On Earth

Paradise on Earth

The anticipation and excitement was clearly visible on the faces of the 15 school children fidgeting in their seats at…

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The True Wonder Of Taj Mahal

The true wonder of Taj Mahal

Ever thought about the true wonder of Taj Mahal? In history class today, the children recall their experiences of visiting…

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Coral Reef In India

Coral reef in India

I had the chance to visit a coral reef in India, in the Havelock island of Andaman sea. Come on…

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The Big Move

The big move

The Oberoi family have a big move coming up. How will their three dogs Cherie, Tamara and Honey react to…

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A Star Named ‘Tiffany Maria Brar’

A star named ‘Tiffany Maria Brar’

Tiffany Maria Brar faced many obstacles to learning because she was visually impaired. She resolved that others should not face…

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An Act Of Bravery

An act of bravery

Read about an act of bravery that took place in Timber Trail, a mountain resort. A modern day hero is…

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A Spiritual Hero – The Dalai Lama Of Tibet

A spiritual hero – the Dalai Lama of Tibet

Tsering gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to come face-to-face with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.…

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Angels Do Exist

Angels do exist

Arun is a trained diver. One day, when he is in trouble while diving, will an angel come to his…

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An Act Of Kindness

An act of kindness

Karen and her mother are enjoying a day on the beach, when Karen notices two sad ponies. Karen’s act of…

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A Cloud Of Dreams – Beauty In Nature

A cloud of dreams – Beauty in nature

It takes a child’s innocence to find beauty in nature. Ayesha finds beauty in clouds and animals. As a little…

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True Friendship

True friendship

This story about a donkey and papaya tree will teach you what true friendship really is. One of the best…

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Life On A Farm

Life on a farm

Life on the farm is all about growing fruits and vegetables. Casper saves the fruit with his intelligence. Mooli was…

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Never Tell A Lie

Never tell a lie

Sanjay has the habit of cooking up stories to get out of trouble. In this story, he learns why it is important…

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Dealing With Culture Shock

Dealing with culture shock

An exchange student describes her experience of dealing with culture shock. Since I have been an exchange student, I get…

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A New Environment

A new environment

Mala writes to her friend from the UK about settling into her new environment. My Dear Seema, I am so…

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Learning Self Defence

Learning self defence

Reena was keen to learn self defence and gain confidence in her own abilities. Martial arts and self-defence are widely…

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Saving Lives – Animal Safety

Saving lives – animal safety

Saira and her friends start a campaign for animal safety in their town. Saira lived in a sleepy little town…

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Keeping Things Safely – Safety At Home

Keeping Things Safely – Safety At Home

Grandma keeps losing her keys. Her grandchildren help her implement safety at home against the loss of the keys. Grandma…

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Space Travel Today

Space travel today

Robin was a space geek. He has prepared a project about space travel today for his town’s exhibition. Ever since…

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The Milky Way

The Milky Way

Our holidays were a great time for us cousins to learn from one another. During one such holiday, I learnt about…

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A Visit To The Park

A visit to the park

Malka and her family have moved to a new city where she does not have any friends. Will a visit…

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Wiggo The Wisest Owl Of All

Wiggo the wisest owl of all

In this story, the chipmunks are causing trouble. But there is always help on the way. Read on to find…

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Questions To My Dad: Facts About Dogs

Questions to my Dad: facts about dogs

I love dogs, but don't know enough. During my daily walks with my dad, I like to find out the…

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Yesteryears: A Grandfathers Tale

Yesteryears: A grandfathers tale

A grandfathers tale about his own childhood, when nature's fury had made life difficult for his family. Through the story,…

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Bobo And His Friends: A Story Of Animals

Bobo and his friends: a story of animals

This is a story of animals on a farm. Bobo and his friends help out a cow, Leila, even though…

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A Strange Incident At The Airport

A strange incident at the airport

Ravi is a busy boy and on the lookout for a story for the school magazine. Read this story of…

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The Mysterious Carved Sword

The mysterious carved sword

Laxman is growing up to be quite a warrior. Faced with a difficult situation, he promises to protect his village.…

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The Dog And The Missing Vegetables

The dog and the missing vegetables

Pepper is a cute cocker spaniel. Read this story about the dog and the missing vegetables and see how Pepper…

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Nature Walk – Save The Butterfly

Nature walk – save the butterfly

Did you know that there are very few butterflies left in India? Read about the importance of them and how…

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Sports Legends Are Made Of These

Sports legends are made of these

Major Dhyan Chand Singh: India's hockey wizard, Major Dhyan Chand Singh was born on 29th August 1905 in Allahabad in…

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Our School Fest

Our school fest

Since we were finally in our last year of school, we decided to approach our Principal and ask her to…

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Through A Father’s Eyes

Through a father’s eyes

I heard this story from my best friend in school and it has always kept me focussed and inspired. This…

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My grandmother used to tell me these beautiful stories in my childhood and they stuck with me all through my…

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ऐसे होते हैं खेल के दिग्गज

ऐसे होते हैं खेल के दिग्गज

ध्यानचंद भारत में हॉकी के जादूगर कहे जाने वाले मेजर ध्यानचंद सिंह, २९ अगस्त, १९०५ को, उत्तर प्रदेश के इलाहबाद…

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The Sweet Songs Of Birds

The sweet songs of birds

What better way than to be woken up by the sweet song of the birds. Perched placidly on a tree,…

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Anything For A Bone

Anything for a bone

Vidya and Mahesh were out in the garden playing badminton. One could hear them squabbling over the racquets and shuttlecocks.…

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In Search Of Gold

In search of gold

Kabini was a beautiful town situated near the river banks of the famous Kaveri that flowed through the southern states.…

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A Family Picnic

A family picnic

It was a really hot day and even more so as it approached noon. We were at this famous historical…

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Bullies Are Just Cowards

Bullies are just cowards

Rohit was tired of being bullied at school and in the playground. School was still better as his teachers kept…

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Adventures In The Forest

Adventures in the forest

Tashi loved venturing into the forest close to the cottage and discovering new things. Of course, he was not allowed…

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Childhood Memories

Childhood memories

Tariq sat on the edge of the parapet watching a game of cricket unfolding before his eyes. He had been…

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Sunday Morning Lessons

Sunday morning lessons

Ramesh loved Sunday mornings. This was one day when he could indulge in a hearty breakfast at leisure instead of…

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The Gorgeous Hunk Called Djomo

The gorgeous hunk called Djomo

Pets! Why do people keep pets? People keep pets because they are loyal and understanding. Pets can also help people…

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Life Changing Moments

Life changing moments

There are moments that change your life forever. They also teach you lessons for life. It is nearly four years…

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The Twists And Turns Of Life

The twists and turns of life

We are all aware of the fact that there are good days and bad days in our lives. Even if…

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Memories That Haunt

Memories that haunt

Memories do warm us up from the inside. They are permanent and over time grow into stronger emotions. I love…

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A Tough Mission

A tough mission

“Mom, come here quick,” shouted Ravi. “I need to tell you about last night’s dream.” “Ravi, you and your dreams,”…

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Those Were The Days

Those were the days

This morning found me sitting on the huge boulder overlooking the sea-face, staring into the horizon. This was my favourite…

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Camouflage Magic

Camouflage magic

A new place…a new home…a new school…and new friends every few years and sometimes even months. That is life for…

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Fishy Tales

Fishy tales

Mehak was fast asleep when she felt her Nani pulling the covers off her. She stirred in her bed, snuggling…

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A Summer Cruise

A summer cruise

“Shall we plan a cruise this summer?” asked Dad to all of us seated on the dining table. My sister…

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Of Things Sweet And Sour

Of things sweet and sour

Burzin was up and about from the early hours of the morning. His Dad was most impressed as it was…

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Summer Treats

Summer treats

Summers are always very hot in Jaipur. Since it is located in the desert area, the weather and climate is…

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An Exciting Day

An exciting day

It was a beautiful morning with the sun just starting to rise and a gentle breeze in the air. The…

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When Tashi Ate Santa

When Tashi ate Santa

In the Kumar household all festivals are celebrated with much delight and festivity. They believe that every festival is of…

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Tashi Tales

Tashi tales

Close to Kurseong, on the road to Darjeeling, there is a quaint village called Bagora. The people here have small…

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जब ताशी ने सांता को खाया

जब ताशी ने सांता को खाया

कुमार घराने में सभी त्यौहार बड़े हर्ष और उल्लास के साथ मनाए जाते हैं। उनका विश्वास है कि हर त्यौहार…

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When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong

Samar was feeling too lazy to pack. He, his sister and his mother were leaving for Mumbai for a 10…

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The Three Musketeers

The three musketeers

What a threesome! Cherie, Tamara and Honey were a handful to say the least! The three dogs were inseparable and…

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The Festival Of Sacrifice

The festival of sacrifice

Sareena was most excited. It was going to be an exciting day ahead as her family had been planning an…

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Our Special Friends

Our special friends

My little friends...a big ‘Hello’ from me to all of you. I am Pepper and I am a black and…

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My Tryst With Nature

My tryst with nature

The Indian summer is a killer...year after year we swear that it has never been as hot is this...that it…

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The New Member

The new member

There was great excitement in the air in the Bedi household. There was going to be an addition in the…

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A Time Of Celebration

A time of celebration

Ayesha had barely slept the previous night and had kept glancing at her bed-side clock every few hours. She peeked…

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Step Into My Garden

Step into my garden

 One fine Sunday morning, Grandma Oberoi, who was affectionately called ‘Nanoo’ stepped into her garden. She decided to give her…

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Zakir Becomes Independent

Zakir becomes independent

It was his tenth birthday, and Zakir felt very grown up. He was certainly excited, as his parents had given…

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