Arun – The Average Student

Arun – the average student

Arun packed his school bag for the last time. The study leave for the 10th standard public examinations would be…

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Mentor Those Who Fail, Do Not Insult Them

Mentor those who fail, do not insult them

It was lunch hour in school and many children were playing in the lawn. Ritu, Suman, Raji and a few…

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How Ajanta Was Embarrassed By Her Untidiness

How Ajanta was embarrassed by her untidiness

Ajanta does not clean her room at all. One day, she is embarrassed by her untidiness when she is visited by a…

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Parents Will Do Everything For Me

Parents will do everything for me

“Can I help you in the kitchen today?” Shanti asked her mother on a weekend holiday. Her mother replied “No…

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Sonu Learns Time Management

Sonu learns time management

It was 6:30 a.m. Sonu was absolutely thrilled to meet his counterpart on planet Creeta, in the neighbouring solar system.…

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Sunil Learns To Overcome Exam Phobia

Sunil learns to overcome exam phobia

Fifteen minutes were left for the Chemistry test to begin! Sunil’s heart was palpitating so severely that he felt it…

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How Sharmila Decided What To Wear For Her School Picnic

How Sharmila decided what to wear for her school picnic

It was Saturday evening and Sharmila was extremely excited about the picnic at Gulab Bagh which she would be enjoying…

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How Originality Prevents Disappointment

How originality prevents disappointment

Sakshi and Sahiti are good friends. Sakshi, however, wants to outdo Sahiti in something that the Sahiti is very good…

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Mini Switzerland To Switzerland

Mini Switzerland to Switzerland

Soma and Seema were about to embark on a memorable holiday to mini Switzerland when their father has some bad…

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The Importance Of Humour In Life

The importance of humour in life

Saswati, the class topper wants to do better than ever. On a constant journey of perfection, she realises the importance…

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Anwesha Learns About True Sense Of Humour

Anwesha learns about true sense of humour

A Diwali mela is a collection of shops and wonderful places to eat. On a visit to one such mela,…

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Can You Make Your Country A Fairy Land?

Can you make your country a fairy land?

Sandhya fondly remembers her school days as she reads the newspaper. She wonders about how one can make their country…

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How A Little Girl Was Saved By Lions

How a little girl was saved by lions

Having seen lions on TV, Priyanka is suffering from nightmares. Read the modern day fairy tale that her mother shares…

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How Would You Feel If Your Sister Is A Genius

How would you feel if your sister is a genius

Suman’s little sister Sudha is everyone’s favourite. Read the story of how Suman deals with the fact that her sister…

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Rajiv’s First Aid For Fainting

Rajiv’s first aid for fainting

Rajiv’s first aid for fainting helps his mother to recover quickly. It was Sunday morning and Rajiv woke up with…

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The Nervous Giant – Overcome Your Fears

The nervous giant – overcome your fears

Maya has moved to a new city and a new school. She has no friends, but in this story we learn…

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The Four Magical Sentences

The four magical sentences

Ronita is sad and upset as her parents do not have the time to spend with her. Her friend, Anwesha, teaches…

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How Your Garment Can Give You Culture Shock

How your garment can give you culture shock

The author realises that culture shock is not restricted to experiences in a different country. One can experience it with…

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Going To A New School

Going to a new school

Anu is going to a new school. How does she feel? “Congrats, Anu Beta!” Dad was beaming with pride. “Hi…

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Safety Tips For Online Friendships

Safety Tips for Online Friendships

Arunima learns that one must follow certain safety tips for online friendships. It was Friday evening and Arunima was extremely…

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Safety Tips For Nalini Staying Alone

Safety Tips for Nalini Staying Alone

Nalini is staying alone as her mother is on a 3-day business trip. How does she stay safe? “Hi, Nalini…

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Mom Is Not A Chef: A Homemaker’s Story

Mom is not a Chef: a Homemaker’s Story

The author’s father stresses the importance of treating their mother’s cooking with respect, given her workload as a homemaker. It…

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Keeping The House Clean Is Everybody’s Business – Being A Family

Keeping the house clean is everybody’s business – being a family

Being a family means much more than just living together. It also means sharing responsibilities and chores around the house.…

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Anjana Overcomes The Solar Eclipse Myth

Anjana overcomes the solar eclipse myth

Anjana is scared. Read this story about how she overcomes the solar eclipse myth and learns the truth. Enjoy the…

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How A Myth Worked On Nalini: A Story About Myth

How a myth worked on Nalini: a story about myth

In this story about myth, Nalini believed in an astrologer’s prediction and feared for her father’s life. Read about how…

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Bridge The Generation Gap: A Story Of Respecting Others

Bridge the generation gap: a story of respecting others

In this story of respecting others, Meera learns how her patience is rewarded. She is taught an important lesson of how…

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The Mystery Of The Red Throne

The mystery of the red throne

Anita, Nita and I are three friends. One day, while playing in the garden we come across an odd setting.…

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Rumi Learns The ABC Of Menstruation

Rumi learns the ABC of menstruation

On a routine visit to the school toilet, Rumi notices something she had never seen before. On speaking to her…

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Who Is Intelligent And Who Is Not

Who is intelligent and who is not

Sunil was trying to pronounce the word “Chapter” correctly. The ninth standard student said, “saapter” once more! This time, Rupa…

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The Speedy Eater

The speedy eater

Arti and Sandhya were great friends. They did so many things together. They laughed over silly matters, had petty fights,…

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Home Maker

Home maker

“Ranjana, I hope you are ready with all your preparations. The guests will be arriving in about twenty minutes. I…

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Are Sports A Good Career Choice

Are sports a good career choice

“Congratulations, Anita!” Lavanya exclaimed whole-heartedly. Her entire being was quivering with immense happiness for her sister’s brand new job. A…

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“Ramesh, dinner is set. Please come”, Mom called out for the third time. Dad was busy watching television. Mom went…

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Teachers – The Best Minds Of A Country

Teachers – The best minds of a country

“Hey! Urmi, what are your plans for the day?” asked Sheila.  The excitement in Sheila’s voice induced the same feeling…

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Anjali, a smart sixth grade student, got one of the trendiest smartphones in town as her birthday gift. A proud…

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What Does Independence Day Mean To You?

What does Independence Day mean to you?

It was the fifteenth of August. Rekha was lying on her bed. It was a holiday and the fourteen- year-old…

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Rituparna Comes To Know All About Selfie Hazards

Rituparna comes to know all about selfie hazards

“Are you as bold and beautiful as Rituparna and her gang?” read the caption of one of the most happening…

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Don’t Buy A Mobile Phone For Grandpa

Don’t buy a mobile phone for Grandpa

It was evening time and Himanshu, Sarika’s dad was sitting in the balcony at the proscenium of his beautiful villa.…

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Don’t Call Names

Don’t call names

“Motu will arrange games for the picnic. Isn’t it fatso?” Shreya addressed Sunil, her school friend, in front of all…

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How Chandra Became Friends With His Little Sister

How Chandra became friends with his little sister

“Chandraaa….”, “Chandra…”, Mom called nine year-old Chandrasekhar who was preparing his school bag for the day. It was early in…

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Sonu Learns To Eat The Right Way

Sonu learns to eat the right way

It was lunchtime and Mom had set the table. She called out, “Sonu, please come, I have served lunch. Your…

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Nita Learns Why Outdoor Play Is Important

Nita learns why outdoor play is important

"Hey Nita, are you not coming to the playground today?” yelled Nita’s friends from outside her house. It was evening…

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What Romila Learnt About Family Bondings

What Romila learnt about family bondings

The taxi approached the gorgeous, palatial, bungalow.  After the security check, it was allowed inside the premises, which looked like…

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