Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Slow and steady wins the race

If you do not win at first, Just tell yourself, “I will not give up, I will try again” Do…

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Never Give Up, Little Fellas

Never give up, little fellas

Little fellas, do not give up ever. Just keep trying forever, No matter how dark is the sky and how…

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Story Of The KFC Man

Story of the KFC man

Ever heard of KFC? We bring you the story of Colonel Harland Sanders the founder of KFC and how he…

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The Alien Attack

The alien attack

Anirudh, a boy your age is scared of the odd noise coming from the kitchen. Is it really an alien…

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Funny Rhyming Song

Funny rhyming song

Come on children, let’s play a game, find the words that end the same I saw a dog, riding a…

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Modern Superman

Modern Superman

I cannot fly out of the window of my room Take webs out of my hand or wear any costume,…

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Modern Day Hero – Sumit Mamgain

Modern day hero – Sumit Mamgain

Our modern-day hero, Sumit Mamgain saves his cousin from a leopard. Read his story to find out more. This is…

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What Would Red Riding Hood Do Today

What would Red Riding Hood do today

Kiara is a modern day red riding hood. Learn from her how to deal with strangers. All of us have…

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There’s Magic Everywhere

There’s magic everywhere

There’s magic everywhere You just need to feel it, You don’t need a spell to cure someone It can be…

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Little Genius

Little genius

Musicians like Mozart and Stevie Wonder, Mathematicians like Ramanujam or Pascal, Each one of them was indeed a gem. Not…

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Bhola Catches The Fraud Baba

Bhola catches the fraud baba

Bhola is a smart and well-read boy. Read the story of how he catches the fraud baba and reveals his…

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The Boy Who Loved To Play Pranks

The boy who loved to play pranks

Teetu loved to play pranks on his friends. One day, he learns his lesson and promises never to play pranks again.…

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Be Kind

Be kind

Be kind to all God's creatures Give them protection or food Just spread a little good Look after the butterflies…

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Changing Times

Changing times

It’s the 21st century, busy in our mobile and video games, All we want is to win Life has become…

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Grandparent’s Love

Grandparent’s love

Mihika realized that grandparent’s love is more important than how modern they were. It was a warm sunny morning. Mihika’s…

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Keep Yourselves Safe

Keep yourselves safe

It’s time for you to learn some safety rules, To be followed at your homes and schools. Don’t play with…

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Safety First – Road Safety

Safety First – Road Safety

Saurav learns road safety from his mistake. Saurav was a boy your age. He was a happy-go-lucky child who did…

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Chintu Discovers Gravity

Chintu discovers gravity

Chintu thought gravity was a useless force, till he discovers more about it. He then realises how important it is.…

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The Science Of Living Things

The science of living things

Some things are living and some things are non-living. Let us understand the difference between a stone and a human…

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Embrace The Facts: A Poem

Embrace the facts: a poem

Is it bad when a black cat crosses your path? Of course not, it is just a myth! Is it…

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Grandma Is Always Right

Grandma is always right

Mohita learns the hard way that Grandma is always right. Read this story of how she finds out and the…

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Age Is No Bar: A Poem About Generations

Age is no bar: a poem about generations

Look after your parents and grandparents as they have so much to share, Unlock the treasure of love that is…

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Teenu And His Grandfather Who Saves The Day

Teenu and his grandfather who saves the day

Teenu does not spend time with his grandfather. But when thieves visit his house, it is his grandfather who saves…

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Mystery: A Poem

Mystery: a poem

How many stars are there in the sky? What lies in the space and beyond? At times you must have…

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Bablu Learns His Lesson

Bablu learns his lesson

First published in September 2016 Bablu was a young boy your age. He was a very good student. He always…

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Just Keep Doing Good!

Just keep doing good!

First published in November 2016 edition. Keep doing good every day In a big or small way Smile at someone…

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There Is No Profession Big Or Small

There is no profession big or small

Pinky and Lily were two women who lived in a small village in Goa. Pinky sold fish and Lily sold…

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Just Be Good At It

Just be good at it

Become a food scientist, become a robotic engineer Become whatever you want, just be good at it! You can be…

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Cheeku Learns To Run

Cheeku learns to run

Cheeku was a young boy who studied in a small school in the city of Bikaner. Cheeku was very good…

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Play Everyday

Play everyday

Be it roller skating, go-karting or just playing with the hay, You must go out to play everyday If the…

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Become A Dragon Slayer

Become a dragon slayer

Anger, lies and greed These are little evil dragons, You must not let them breed It is best to do…

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The Witty Prince

The witty prince

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called Pinyang. It was ruled by a brave king Shin-Li. The king…

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The Lost Seedling

The lost seedling

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who grew sunflowers in his field. Once he bought a bag full…

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Big Responsibilities

Big responsibilities

Dear children, understand this thing, You may be small but your responsibilities are big. Where there is hatred, you have…

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True Happiness

True happiness

A big carnival was being held in the town where Mona lived. The children of the town used to wait…

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Teddy Finds A New Home

Teddy finds a new home

Kittu had a lovely teddy bear, named Teddy. It was gifted to him on his 2nd birthday by his dad.…

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How Happy You Get

How happy you get

Lend a helping hand and see how happy you get, Gift your old clothes and toys to a needy kid…

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The summer sun is high in the sky, It is time for us to watch the bees and butterfly fly…

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The Little Blue Bird

The little blue bird

One day I saw a little blue bird, Flying anxiously from here to there. She was hungry and looking for…

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The Little Boy Who Made A Big Change

The little boy who made a big change

Once there was a small boy named Shankar. He lived with his family in a big apartment.  Shantibai used to…

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Summers Are Arriving

Summers are arriving

It is time to say goodbye to the winter season Pack away the heavy sweaters and long coats, And have…

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The Ant’s Kheer

The ant’s kheer

Once upon a time, in a small village called Mithupur, there lived four friends - an ant, a beetle, a…

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Love Your Mother

Love your mother

Her arms are always open When you need a hug, Her heart is always ready to understand When you need…

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This Year, Celebrate With A Difference

This year, celebrate with a difference

Festive season is around the corner Dress up, go out, eat snacks and sweets, But do not forget the poor…

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Monu And Sheru

Monu and Sheru

It was a cold day in the month of January. Monu was sitting snuggly in front of the heater when…

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Three Magic Words

Three magic words

Please, Sorry and Thank you! These are the three magic words that you must know, They help you become a…

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Begin Your Day Right

Begin your day right

Get out of the bed early as it’s only wise Wish your parents, freshen up and do some exercise, Come…

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The Kind Boy

The kind boy

Tony was a boy who studied in class 1. Tony was very fond of animals. Whenever he saw a dog…

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The Best Eid Ever

The best Eid ever

It was the holy month of Ramadan. Imraan was super excited as the festival of Eid was coming nearer. He…

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सबसे अच्छी ईद

सबसे अच्छी ईद

रमज़ान का पवित्र महीना था। ईद का त्यौहार जैसे-जैसे पास आ रहा था इमरान की उत्सुकता बढ़ती जा रही थी।…

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A dad is a person He’s loving and kind And knows what’s on your mind He's someone who listens, suggests,…

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